{Book Review}: Make Brushing Fun with The Adventures of Billy Molar!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes getting my kids excited about brushing their teeth is a struggle at my house. When I was given a chance to check out this new book by Cynthia Hartman (a dentist and fellow mom), I decided it would be fun to give it a try! {Disclosure: This is a sponsored review, however the thoughts and opinions are solely my own.}

The Adventures of Billy MolarThe Adventures of Billy Molar: The S. Mutans Revolution follows Doc Molar as he works to find a mine of xylitol crystals in order to save the town from a group of bacteria bandits, the S. Mutans. With a cast of characters that include Mayor Dental Floss and Doc Molar’s horse, Bristles, this creative book makes familiar dental care into something fun. The cowboy setting is perfect for young imaginations and makes it fun for them to relate to. My four year old especially loved Bristles, the horse. He thought it was so cool that the horse looks like a toothbrush!

I liked the way that reading the book helped open up a conversation with my kids about why it’s important to brush their teeth in a way that made it fun and easy for them to understand. When we got finished, the first thing my son asked was if he could go brush his teeth! That’s a big win in our house!

Adventures of Billy MolarIf you’re looking for a way to help get your kids excited about brushing their teeth, or to make brushing seem like more fun, you can purchase Cynthia’s book online at Amazon or Barnes and Noble!

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