Process Art for All Ages

Growing up, I loved arts and crafts. I was always creating something new for my parents to hang on the refrigerator. Now that I’m a mom, I still like to do arts and crafts with my daughter, but instead of making our projects look like the ones we see on Pinterest (spoiler alert: they were fails) we have discovered Process Art.  Process art is more about the experience of making art than the product that is produced.

Process Art for all ages

One of my favorite uses for my daughter’s process art?  Depending on the occasion, we’ll use seasonal colors to decorate cards, wrapping paper, and gift bags. By creating art on these, I can reuse her creations and my friends and family can see her artwork as well!  

Check out our favorite art supplies and process art projects:

1. Dot Markers

Dot marks are a huge hit in my house. They can be used for stamping or drawing. They are nice and thick to hold for children still developing fine motor skills. You can find tons of printables on Pinterest or turn their process art into this flower project!

2. Stickers

Stickers are not what you may think of as a traditional art supplies, but they are fun for many ages!  Find a friend’s favorite character stickers to decorate a birthday card or use snowflakes stickers to decorate holiday gift bags. Here’s an easy sticker collage project for more sticker fun!

3. Stamps

Stamps are also great because they come in various themes. These don’t require a lot of fine motor skills, so they are great for little ones as well! Stamps can also be made with unconventional materials like in this project using foam shapes.

4. Acrylic Paints

Paints don’t have to be messy! Using washable acrylic paint, you can create some stellar projects and still have clean hands.  Check out this easy marble painting project that can be turned into cards or wrapping paper!  

Process Art for All Ages
Our process art Christmas cards using washable paint!

5. Water Color Paints

You may have seen variations of this watercolor letter project, but it is a process art classic. There are so many possibilities with water colors (or finger paints!) that your little artist can explore with as he or she creates!

6. Chalk

We mainly use our chalk outdoors, but this chalk fingerpaint project would be great for more advanced artists. These would be beautiful on some cards!  

7. Crayons

Crayons are an art staple and are great for all artists.  I found two fun projects that can use crayons. This line project is great for those with developing fine motor skills. Again, using some seasonal colors, this would be great for cards, wrapping paper or gift bags. This melted crayon art project is great for an older artist and can be used as art in your home!  

So go ahead and create with your artist!  
Just make sure to send me a card with your little one’s artwork on it!  

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