Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Love is in the air and you’re surrounded by red. Chances are you’re stuck inside for stretches of the day during this next week. There is an even higher chance that you’ve exhausted all your indoor boredom busters with the amount of snow days and cold weather we’ve had. Take a break from your 100th round of hide-n-seek, sit down and channel your inner Martha Stewart. These five easy Valentines ideas are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Get crafty, enjoy this bonding time and make some one-of-a-kind valentines with your littles.

Easy DIY Valentinces Day Cards Toddlers PreschoolersPainted Heart

This one is as simple as it gets. With 3-4 colors of non-toxic paint, let them create their own masterpiece on construction paper or card stock. Once dry, cut into heart shapes and attach to treat if desired.


Tear and Paste Heart

Paper, glue and a marker is all you need for this one. Give strips of paper to the child and help them tear it into little pieces. Draw a heart on a piece of paper, apply adhesive (glue stick or craft glue) inside the template and direct your child to place the torn pieces inside the heart. Depending on their skills and attention level, this might need some more assistance from you. Let dry and prepare for their classmates.


Abstract Art

Let your kid go color crazy on some blank pieces of paper. Markers, watercolors, pens or pencils work best for this. Once done, provide a themed stamp and ink pad and let them decorate as they wish. In lieu of stamps, they can also decorate their artwork with stickers.


Surprise Heart

On a white piece of paper, use a white crayon to draw the outline of a heart, make the outline wide enough to be noticed. Provide some watercolors so your child can paint all over the paper. The watercolor won’t stick to the crayon accentuating the heart outline. Address and deliver!


No Heart Gets Left Behind

Cut out some heart shapes or text from non-permanent vinyl or painters tape. Place heart on a piece of colored paper. With watercolors or paint, have your child cover the paper with the colors of choice. Remove the tape and a heart shape will be left behind. Attach to gift and done!

For more easy to make Valentines, check out these Clutter-Free Valentines and these Easy DIY Printable Valentines Cards!

Other tips:

  • Use a smock, and keep wipes or wet towels handy for easy cleanup.
  • Add a clever saying or friendship note to add a special touch.
  • If your child knows how to write their name, let them get involved addressing their valentines!
  • Add some flair by cutting a decorative border or gluing card to a contrasting piece of paper.
  • Attach the treat with tape or staple on the seal (to make sure it stays airtight). Lollipops can be attached by puncturing two holes on the card.
  • All kids love painting their hands. After the Valentines are done, lather their hand with the leftover paint, make a few hand prints and use these for Valentines for the grandparents. They love that stuff!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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