Children’s Book Review: Screen Time Stress

As an English teacher, I know all too well that all it takes is one book to ignite or rekindle a love of literature. My son’s love of books is at an all-time high, in part due to a book we recently read separately, and then discussed. The topic is screen time stress, which unbeknownst to him, has kept him less interested in screens and more into old school entertainment.

Children's Book Review: Screen Time Stress

Book Title: Timmy’s Monster Diary: Screen Time Stress (But I Tame It, Big Time)

Written By: Dr. Raun Melmed with Annette Sexton and Jeff Harvey, Illustrator

Age Range: 7-11

The beautiful thing about this book is that it teaches young readers how to self-monitor their screen time. It opens their eyes to how other activities can leave them feeling more satisfied. Dr. Melmed has seen the negative effects of screen addiction in his patients as a developmental pediatrician. His book shows kids that they can have the power to control it. Adults (myself included) could take a page out of this book when it comes the overuse of our electronics.

Takeaway Tools

1. ST4

Timmy uses a secret formula, ST4, which means, “Stop. Take Time to Think.” He uses this method during tough homework problems. It also helped him choose conversation with friends on the bus over his screen time.

2. Visible Timer

By setting a visible 10 minute timer, Timmy is able to monitor how much time he has left for screen time or other activates. This results in less emotion when time is up.

3. Time Log

For each activity Timmy participates in, he charts the type of activity, time he expects to spend doing it, versus the actual time he did it, and how much he liked it. This was an eye-opening way for him to realize that screen time was less fun and could soak up too much of his time.

Here is my Good Reads official review for a clear picture of just how I felt once I completed this book:

“Where do I begin? Winning this giveaway put polish on my #1 mom medal. My son could not stop reading it and couldn’t stop telling me how much he loved it! He snuck out of bed and I found him cozied up to the hall light reading it. We each read it and had our own little book club about it. As a mom and a teacher, I see how this book hits on so many teachable moments. The pictures, easy reading style, and relatable topics draw kids in. The lessons sprinkled throughout are perfect for parents and teachers to implement in a non-preachy manner. There are great tools for us to use in this book! I will be sharing this book with my son’s teacher, my mom friends, and my local mom blog! We would love to read more by this very thoughtful author.”

Dr. Raun Melmed has a similar book, Marvin’s Monster Diary: ADHD Attacks! (But I Rock It, Big Time).

Children's Book Review: Screen Time Stress

What tools do you use to handle your child’s screen time?

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