5 Favorite Baby Products From a Mom of Five

I recently had my fifth baby in nine years. In that time I’ve used a lot of baby products!! You find out pretty quickly what makes your life easier and what you can do without! Which is why I’ve put together this list of 5 of my favorite baby products! 

5 Favorite Baby Products from a Mom of Five1. Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

I love this carrier from Baby K’tan! It has all of the comfort of a baby wrap, without the wrapping!! I’ve tried the wrap style carriers before and never felt like I could do it correctly, leaving me to give up entirely. The Baby K’tan is all one piece, offers multiple carrying options depending upon the age of your baby, and is comfortable! I like that it’s much quicker to put on than other wraps and leaves my hands free to work or play with my big kids! I also like that the sash doubles as a carrying pocket! One thing to note, be sure to pay attention to the sizing guidelines to get the right fit! They also have instructions and videos to help you learn how to wear your carrier!

5 Favorite Baby Things from a Mom of 5: Baby K'tan Carrier2. Milk Snob Carseat Cover

My baby was born in the winter, making it necessary to shield her from the cold. Not to mention the flupocalypse. Which is why I love the Milk Snob cover! It comes in super cute patterns (I’m a fan of the black and white stripes), and fits snugly over my baby’s car seat. There’s a hole in the top that allows for ventilation and easily grabbing the car seat handle.  I also really like that you can also slip it over your head and use it as a nursing cover, or over the shopping cart seat or restaurant high chair when your baby is older to protect them from germs! With limited extra space in my diaper bag, I appreciate the fact that the Milk Snob cover is multi-purpose

5 Favorite Baby Products from a Mom of 5: Milk Snob Cover3. Ollie World Swaddle

We’ve all heard about the benefits of swaddling our babies, especially with the Back to Sleep campaign and recommendations not to use blankets in babies’ cribs! I don’t know about you, but I’ve had 5 babies and I still can’t swaddle worth a darn! Which is why I’m a fan of the Ollie World swaddle! I’ve tried other swaddling blankets with velcro, but my babies always seem to wiggle out of them. And grow out of them quickly! I like that the Ollie World swaddle has strong velcro that keeps baby secure, and that you can secure the bottom where you want it. I also like that it is able to grow with my baby, meaning I only have to purchase one swaddle! The material is super soft and it comes with a mesh bag to keep it from sticking to baby’s other clothes in the wash! 

5 Favorite Baby Products from a Mom of 5: The Ollie World Swaddle4. NursElet Nursing Bracelet

Baby brain. It doesn’t really go away once pregnancy is over! Which is why I really like the NursElet nursing bracelet! You can wear it on your wrist to help remind you which side you need to nurse on during your next feeding, and you can also use it to hold up your shirt while breastfeeding or pumping! No more trying to hold your shirt up with your chin or having it fall in baby’s face! I also like that you can buy them in packages of one or two, since having two is handy for pumping! And they come in various designs so you can find the ones that match your style! 

31E115 Favorite Baby Products from a Mom of 5: NursElet Nursing Bracelet5. Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

Grocery shopping with a baby. It’s not my favorite thing. It’s hard enough to make it through the store without a meltdown, let alone figuring out where the heck you’re supposed to put the car seat. It’s not safe to put it in the grocery cart seat, and setting it in the cart takes up all the space. By the time I get all my kids situated, there’s no room for food! I like that the Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock allows you to put the car seat in the sling, leaving room for you to put groceries next to and under the sling! You can also put baby right into the hammock if you choose to forego the car seat altogether! 

31E115 Favorite Baby Products from a Mom of 5: Binxy Baby Shopping Cart HammockI love these products so much that I have partnered with each of these brands to give away one of each of these items to you lucky readers!! Be sure to follow the Cedar Rapids Moms Blog Facebook page this week for your chance to win!! While you’re at it, sign up for our VIP List to make sure you’re one of the first to know about upcoming giveaways and events!! XOXO!!

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