For the Mamarazzi: 4 Tips to Get the Photo & Still Enjoy the Moments

Ma·ma·raz·zi /mäməˈrätsi/ noun.

Mothers who frequently follow their children around with phones and/or cameras, snapping photos at each turn and documenting each milestone or event with at least two dozen photos and a video. 

Sorry, not sorry. I love taking pictures of my kids! They’re my life! And almost everything they do is adorable. How many of us look back through their pictures as we’re laying in bed? Why do we miss them as soon as we’ve fought and won the battle of bedtime?! I really enjoy documenting our memories and milestones and days together. If you’re reading this, maybe you love it too. Ain’t no shame in the mamarazzi game.
Sometimes it’s challenging, however, to find a balance between documenting memories and enjoying the moments for what they are. We want to be able to look back on these pictures and remember the big events and the little instances. BUT I think we can all agree we don’t want to watch life through our phone’s camera lens.

Here are a few tips to take great, meaningful pictures while still living in the moment – because it is possible!

For the Mamarazzis: 4 Tips to Get the Photo & Still Enjoy the Moments
1. Take “the pictures” before the actual event.

There have been too many special days or events that have started off on the wrong foot in our house because NO ONE SMILES FOR THE PICTURE and then we’re late or kids are crying. Think Halloween evening with the kids in their costumes before trick or treating, or Christmas Eve with everyone dressed up in their pretty church clothes, or matching patriotic outfits for the 4th of July. 
To avoid adding stress to the already big days or moments, we have started taking pictures beforehand. As in, we dress up the kids on a non-busy, random day and take fun pictures! THEN when it’s actually trick-or-treating time or Christmas Eve, we can enjoy the time and not worry about having to snap pictures. They’re already taken!

2. Don’t post to social media right away.

 I can’t remember the last time I’ve posted pictures to Facebook or Instagram in “real time.” If you snap a picture, you can immediately set down your phone and continue to enjoy the moment. Posting pictures to social media or texting photos right away can lead to more time looking down than up…and trust me, our kids notice:

While watching my daughter’s swimming lessons last week, a little girl passed her level and got to ring the bell in front of everyone to celebrate. The mom was in the stands waving, ready with her camera, and the little girl was beaming. She rang the bell and everyone cheered and the then the mom immediately started uploading the pic to Facebook and captioning the post. I watched the girl trying to wave down her mom in excitement for so long, but the mom was just looking down.

3. Decide what you really want pictures of. Don’t watch life through your phone’s camera lens. 

Whether you’re taking pictures of baby’s first haircut or photos during your child’s basketball game, we don’t really need pictures of every second throughout the whole event. I often tell myself a few main things I want pictures of, then I relax and don’t take any more. Maybe you want a picture of the kids lined up before the game and an action shot while they’re playing. Decide what you want as a keepsake and then just enjoy the rest in the moment.

4. Ask someone else to take the pics. 

It’s not always an option, but if possible, try asking someone else to be in charge of photos. During birthday parties for our kids, I ask one of my sisters to take candid photos throughout the day. This is awesome because I don’t have to worry about taking pictures while also hosting a party and enjoying the special day AND I also get to be in some of the pictures with my kiddos.


Raise your hand if you’re a mamarazzi too! What are your favorite kinds of pictures to take of your kids? I love Halloween pics 🙂 

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