I Can Do It! Products that Promote Independence

As parents, we fight a constant battle between wanting to keep our children little, while at the same time, feeling excited for them to develop independence and grow into the person they are meant to be.  It’s a fine line to walk between teaching them how to be independent and doing a task for them.

So, I gathered some products that you can use at home to allow your little ones to feel more independent from morning to night! (Click on the titles for purchasing information!)

Products that Promote IndependenceProducts That Promote Independence

Hatch Baby Rest Night Light

The Hatch Baby Rest is a programmable light and sound machine.  By setting your controls on your smartphone, this device communicates when it is okay for your child to wake up.  No more too early mornings for you, Mama!

I Can Do It Products That Promote Independence


Closet Extender Bar

A closet extender bar hangs from the higher bar of a closet to make hanging clothes more accessible for smaller kids.  A bonus to this product is that it doubles the amount of hanging space in the closet! At our house, we put pajamas on the lower bar, and my daughter has the choice (and responsibility) of picking her pajamas and getting dressed each night.  This has been a total game-changer for our nighttime routines!

I Can Do It Products That Promote Independence

Collapsible Step Stool

Of all the things I’ve bought for my daughter, a collapsible step stool is probably one of my favorites.  It may not be the most exciting product, but it comes in different colors and folds up easily to be stored out of the way.  In the bathroom, it has helped her reach the sink to brush her teeth and wash her hands. In the kitchen, this collapsible step stool has helped her reach cups, plates, and snacks.  

I Can Do It Products That Promote Independence

Refrigerator Organizers

If you have a little one that is constantly asking for snacks, these refrigerator organizers can be a lifesaver!  We have filled up these refrigerator organizers with grab and go snacks so that our daughter can just help herself and eat. When the snacks in the organizer are gone, then she’s done with snacks until the next meal.  This requires some planning but has been so helpful in teaching her independence and planning.

I Can Do It Products That Promote Independence

These products have made a huge difference in helping our daughter become more independent.  What have you tried at your house?

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