Mom Friends Aren’t Just Important, They Are My Saving Grace!

It’s the end of the day and my three year old has done everything in her power to wear me down. She didn’t sleep well last night, which has turned into a day full of talking back, throwing tantrums, and making my life feel like a challenge.

I escape to my bathroom to let off some emotion. The first thing I do is text my mom-friend group.

A group chat name of “Mommin’ Ain’t Easy” and daily conversations that revolve around supporting each other has not only helped me get through hard days and nights (like tonight), but it reassures me that I’m not alone.

It’s easy to feel like a bad mom or like you’ve failed parenthood when things go awry, which is why having mom friends is so important.

Mom Friends Are ImportantMom Friends Provide an Escape

Sometimes as a mom you just need to get your mind away from the chaos for a second. Calling on my girlfriends who know what I need (because they’ve been through it, too, and know what to say) keeps me from losing my marbles, and is the escape I find myself needing from time to time.

Whether it’s an “I’ve been there too” or a funny joke cracked, after a quick conversation I am always able to pick myself up and go back to my mom duties with a smile on my face.

They Offer Solutions

If you’re like me and you find yourself in completely new situations that you have NO idea how to handle, you know that calling on a mom friend is the first thing to do. Like, what in the world do I do about my daughter who won’t eat meat or vegetables, or who I get worried about because she is three and refuses to even try to color in the lines?

Even though every child is different and every mom parents in different ways, we all go through the same scenarios with our kids. Being able to talk to your mom friends and let them know what’s going on always results in ideas to handle different situations. Plus, advice from a friend is usually much better and more trustworthy than a Google search.

Because of my mom friends, I now sneak tuna and peas in my daughter’s mac and cheese and make fun games out of coloring. Both are working!

Mom Friends Are An Outlet

When I have something going on in my personal life that I just need a girlfriend to talk to about, my mom friends are the ones I turn to. Because let’s be real; mom life is hard! It can be hard on you and it can be hard on relationships.

At first, we bonded over being moms, and as many of you know, there’s no better way to bond! I trust these ladies with anything and I know that they provide a great outlet and listening ear when I need it. Having an outlet to talk about anything and everything is basically like having a free and invested counselor always with you.

It’s truly priceless.

They Help Maintain A Constant In A Chaotic Life

One day I am blissfully winning at mom life with healthy meals all day long and activities planned with a boatload of patience to get me through the day. Then the next day I can’t seem to do more than give my kid breakfast cereal for a few meals and fight off a bad attitude. I know that all moms can agree that parenthood is a rollercoaster and you should always expect the unexpected. But regardless of what type of day I’m having, my mom friends remain a constant in my life that keeps my feet on the ground.

I know that I will never be alone, I will always have somebody to turn to, and I will never have to feel like my feelings or decisions are inadequate. The constant reminder of “this too shall pass” on the bad days and the positive reinforcements on the good ones are everything I need as a mom!

Mom Friends Hold No Judgement

Arguably one of the most important reasons to have a solid mom friend or two is that they hold no judgment. As a mom, you know that this world is overflowing with judgments. Whatever you think is right, somebody will find something wrong with it. Unfiltered and unwanted advice comes at you all the time; critiques about your parenting choices and questions about your decisions can leave you feeling confused and defeated.

That’s why mom friends are even more helpful; they will support you no matter what. Sure, there may be disagreements on certain things or different points of view, but nobody is ever wrong. Judgment-free support is everything.

Having a mom friend or a group of mom friends who you can turn to for advice, support, as an escape or outlet makes parenthood so much fun and helps take away a lot of the stresses that come with every stage.

There are never enough words to say how much I appreciate my circle of mom friends, and I truly would not be a sane mother without them!

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