Date Night: After Hours

If you’ve ever read about how to keep the spark alive in your marriage, you’ll know that date nights are always somewhere on the list. Date nights give couples a reminder of who they fell in love with, not the person who didn’t run the dishwasher or left the toilet seat up for the 4,289th time. It’s about connecting with each other, having fun, and making each other your priority by setting aside special time together!

Although it is important to get out of the house for a date, many times after having children it can become challenging. My husband and I have had many date nights at home after the kids are sound asleep. Some of my favorite dates have been the ones that we’ve had at home. Like, the time we sat in our car in the garage with wine and a cheese plate while the baby was napping. Hey, when you’re working with a day-5 top knot, spit-up stains on your shirt, and yesterday’s mascara, you become desperate for thirty minutes of alone time with your man!

If you can’t get away for a night on the town with your babe, below are five creative and inexpensive date night ideas you can do at home! Dating your significant other and creating memorable dates do not need to break the bank! You can also change up these ideas to fit your relationship. So, feed the kids, bathe them, slather on the lavender, hit that sound machine, and once they’re off to dreamland, it’s time to spend some time with your soulmate!

Five At-Home Dates

Camping in the Living Room

Pitch a tent or make a fort and be sure to include lots of blankets and pillows for a comfy, romantic feel. Throw in s’mores, wine, and a hot game of truth-or-dare and you’re set!


Wine or Beer Tasting

This is one of my favorite date nights! There are so many bottles of wine that I’m interested in trying, but I end up with my favorite bottle of Cabarnet Savaugnion in my grocery cart every time. Doing a wine or beer tasting gives you an opportunity to find a new favorite or learn a little bit more about the tasting experience. It’s easy to Google wine or beer food pairings to help you create a small snack platter. Light some candles, put on some soft music, and dress up to make it feel more like a date night away from home.


Netflix & Chill

Make your next Netflix binge-watching experience a date by including movie theater-style concessions. Make sure you have plenty of pillows and blankets for falling asleep from pure exhaustion snuggling.

Cooking Together

Cooking together is a great way to unwind and get creative with your partner. Find a new recipe to cook together or make a dish that you had early in your relationship. If you’re up for a little friendly competition, you can create a meal “Chopped” style. You just need to outline what needs to be included, like a meat, vegetable, starch, fruit, or grain. Then, go to the store and split up to grab all of your ingredients. (Obviously, this date night at home would take a little bit of advanced planning.) Once you have your ingredients, it’s time to start getting creative with your mate! You can create your own rules – Time limits? Can you use ingredients you already have at home? Will you include a dessert?


Summer Night – Kid Style

Now that the weather is getting nicer, why not have a date night right in your backyard? Remember those nights as children, catching fireflies, having bonfires, water balloons, and playing hide-and-seek? I think it would be so dreamy to have one of these nights with your love. It would be incredibly romantic, nostalgic, and hilarious!


The most important part of date night is to connect, have fun, and make time for each other. Have fun planning date nights at home and let me know what you come up with!

Do you have date nights at home after your kids are in bed?


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