Second Pregnancy: Different All Around

The second time…we’re pregnant again! We are so fortunate to be able to say that. But oh, how things are different when you find out you’re pregnant with your second child.

Pregnancy The Second Time Around

Our Daughter

There are thoughts of how this will change our little girl, she is about to become a big sister. Our daughter will no longer be our sole center of attention; she will learn how to cuddle and help us feed her new baby sibling. She will learn how to hold hands while crossing the street since I probably won’t be able to carry them both. Unfortunately, she will probably suffer with us on lack of sleep since she’s a fairly light sleeper. I’m sure that, at times, she will be very frustrated, but she will also love her new baby sibling so strongly.

Family and Friends

Our second pregnancy is even different among family and friends. Before we’d even told anyone, there had been expectations and questions about when our next pregnancy would be. Making it much harder to hide the surprise; there’s all the physical changes including exhaustion, nausea, and a growing belly to hide. At events out with friends, I’ve had to ask for “fake drinks” to help sway the attention from my water at the table.

There’s the prompting of how our little girl is “old enough to become a big sister” or “wouldn’t she love to have someone to play with.” All are well-meaning, but it can sometimes be overwhelming. It was still our decision of when to have another child and when to share our exciting news.


It has become obvious with this pregnancy that being pregnant and having an 18 month-old as well is a completely different game than being pregnant the first time. During my first pregnancy, I was always exhausted. I slept and napped what seemed like 24/7. With this pregnancy, I nap when I can, but most of the time I am chasing my daughter around and too busy to get a nap in. I never had nausea with my first pregnancy, but this time I’m nauseous most periods of the day. When I make meals for my daughter, sometimes I’m too nauseous to eat with her, and she’ll cry to eat crackers with me instead.

Although this pregnancy is going to be a roller coaster of new experiences, I can’t wait for this next adventure for our growing family.

What changes have you noticed when having your second child?

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