Little Boys and Their Moms: Things I Want Him To Know

If we’re being honest, when I found out that one of my twins came with “boy parts,” I was terrified.  I felt comfortable raising a girl and thought I knew what to expect. (It turns out I did not, but we’ll save that for another day!) I had no idea just how fun and interesting the world of little men can truly be. He is my little buddy and has the biggest heart. There are things from a woman’s perspective that I hope he understands and holds onto as he continues to grow. (The worst part of having little boys is the fact that they do not stay little.)



1. Learn how to aim INTO the toilet.

Little boy…I love you with all of my heart but I do not love scrubbing pee off of and around the toilet. Neither will your future spouse. Please, work extra hard on this task, for all parties involved.

2. Never stop learning.

Life has so much to offer, and there is so much to learn about. When I encourage you to read more, it is because I want you to appreciate all sorts of aspects in the world.  This will make for better conversations and the ability to relate to more people in the future. Education is one thing that no one can ever take away from you.

3. Always dream big.

Do not ever, I repeat, ever allow someone to stand in the way of your dreams. You are such a hard working boy right now, one who will do whatever it takes to accomplish a goal. Never lose that will and desire to get what you want.

4. “I love you, Mom,” will never get old.

There is no need to elaborate here.

5. School comes first, but enjoy the sports while you can.

Being on a team will carry on to your future career, raising a family, and overall ability to work with others. The values of playing a sport are irreplaceable. But never let a sport get in the way of your schooling; that will always be number one. I promise to still cheer loudly whether on the field, next to the mat, or when you walk across that stage at school.

6. It’s okay to have a big heart.

We live in a time of “manly men” and trying to make our kids tough. While I want you to have a backbone, that big heart of yours will mean so much more. But just in case you run across someone who decides to throw a punch, by all means, defend yourself.

7. Treat all women with respect. 

Being raised by a single mom for so many years, I hope you always remember the lessons learned and how you felt when your mom was hurt. Genuinely caring about a woman’s feelings will save you a LOT of problems in life. (Ladies, am I right?!)

8. It is going to be very difficult for me to ever let you go.

I know that there will come a day when I’m no longer your favorite. You won’t want kisses in front of the guys or snuggles while watching a movie. I understand that a girl will eventually steal that big heart and all of your attention. While I cannot imagine any of that right now, one day I will have to let you fly. Always know that you can come home and that we will love and support you through whatever life throws your way.


We got to spend some time at a White Sox/Cubs game in July. I couldn’t help but stare at times, because this little boy was watching his heroes play the sport he loves, and the smile on his face stretched for miles. Do you ever have those days you wish you could repeat forever?  July 28th was that day for me. I wanted to drink it all in and freeze those memories into my brain, treasuring that day for as long as I live. And I probably will, and hope that he does too. I realized in that moment just how important the time we spend with them truly is. Experiencing life with our children means so much more than just handing them a gift.


These tiny little men have a special bond with their mamas, tugging at our heartstrings and making us cringe with their strange little quirks. Hold on tight to them while they’re young and soak up all of the small moments, because one day those memories will be our most treasured possessions.


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