Wrapping Up Experience Gifts for Kids in Cedar Rapids

Trying to get on top of organizing my home with Christmas coming makes me want to scream, “INCOMING!!!”

I have three girls. We have many, many bins. We have shelves, drawers, and cupboards. We have an entire basement. Do you know what they are all full of?

Toys! Books! Puzzles! Games! Dress up clothes! Art Supplies!  

Wrapping Up Experience Gifts for Kids in Cedar RapidsThere will be MORE this Christmas. A lot more. Our wonderful friends and family buy high-quality, imaginative, and educational gifts. It’s really hard to go through and get rid of things because they are so fantastic. Not to mention the fact that one of my twins acts like she’s having major surgery without anesthesia each time we try to go through her precious belongings:

“You can put stuff you don’t use as much in the garage sale. Another little girl will have so much fun with it while YOU get the money to save for something else!  Isn’t that great?”


So there’s that.  

That’s why I’m all about experience gifts for kids this year. Yes, I hear you. You are saying that experience gifts sound like a great idea, but, “They need something to open!”  No worries, I’ve got you covered!

Wrapping Up Experience Gifts for Kids in Cedar Rapids

The Gift of Quality Time

Kids will love the gift of something fun to do with you! You could easily include a stop for ice cream or a meal out before or after these experience gifts:

The Gift of Learning

My kids would love to be in more activities, but they can be expensive, especially the more kids you have. Giving the gift of a class you know the child would enjoy reinforces the idea that it is a privilege to participate.

This is for you, too, grandpas, grandmas, and other toy-loving gift givers! There are SO many fabulous experiences right here that we can give the kids we love this holiday season.  Kids can still feel the joy of opening gifts, but families don’t have to become further buried in stuff.  Not to mention the fact that children like my daughter can be saved from the horrendous torture of parting with the gift one day.

Can I get an amen?

Or maybe a cleverly wrapped gift card?



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