Moms’ 12 Favorite Pizza Spots | In & Around Cedar Rapids

Pizza is always a fan favorite food. We’re lucky Cedar Rapids boasts a great selection of specialty pizza places to snag a slice (or 3!). From dill pickle and sriracha BLT to classic pepperoni and chicken alfredo, there is something for everyone! We asked a few moms what their favorite place to savor a slice of pizza is.

Here are our 12 favorite pizza spots in & around Cedar Rapids:

Need Pizza

Why moms love it: “Unique pizza, unlike anything else you will find in Cedar Rapids. Choose from an array of unique toppings like mashed potatoes, clams, and artichokes or keep it traditional with sausage, pepperoni, and roasted red pepper. For those with food allergies or dietary restrictions they have gluten free crust and vegan cheese too!”

Our favorite: Classic Pepperoni.

Bop’s Pizza

Why moms love it: “They have great lunch specials and always have exciting new specialty pizzas. I especially enjoy the cheeseburger pizza!”

Our favorite: Jalapeno Popper.

Pizza World

Why moms love it: “They have delicious pizza, appetizers, subs, pasta, and calzones. And the huge Big World (2 whole feet of pizza) is a must try for big families, groups, or appetites!”

Our favorite: Ciao Bella


Why moms love it: “It’s here to deliver a level of quality that many pizza places don’t strive for. It’s pricier but for a reason. It’s where we go to treat ourselves – you can taste the difference!”

Our favorite: Tex Mex Taco

Zoey’s Pizzeria

Why moms love it:  “The Chicago Style pizza is the best. Be sure to grab a Zookie for dessert. You won’t be disappointed!”

Our favorite: The Zoey

Cappy’s Pizzeria

Why moms love it:  “Cappy’s has delicious pizza, calzones, and cheesy bread. They also offer vegan cheese.”

Our favorite: Veggie

Quarter Barrel Arcade & Brewery

Why moms love it:  “Not only do they have delicious pizza, but visiting Quarter Barrel is a whole experience with their selection of arcade games.”

Our favorite: Bee Sting


Why moms love it: “This has been our go-to spot for 40+ years. The quality, the service, the ingredients – you just can’t beat it. Plus, they now offer carry out for busy moms!”

Our favorite: Chicken Bacon Ranch

Roscoe’s Pizza

Why moms love it: “Roscoe’s never disappoints. The crust is caramelized and just to die for. It’s our go-to Friday night pizza joint!”

Our favorite: Motown Deep Dish

Bushwood Sport Bar & Grill

Why moms love it: “What used to be my college bar is now my family’s pizza place. We especially love half off pizza nights – we chow down!!”

Our favorite: Stromboli

Godfather’s Pizza

Why moms love it: “It’s just a staple pizza place. Huge pizzas at reasonable prices – plus their dessert pizza? HEAVEN!”

Our favorite: Beef & Queso

Casey’s General Store

Why moms love it: “Can anyone say breakfast pizza? It’s iconic and make for the world’s easiest breakfast (or really any meal). Fast service and excellent quality for just “gas station pizza!”

Our favorite: Breakfast Pizza

What’s your pick for the best pizza in Cedar Rapids (or nearby)?  Let us know on our Facebook page!
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