My Resolution: Getting Organized for the New Year

Resolutions are so cliché, I know.

Most of my past resolutions have been revolved around traveling more, losing weight, or eating less chocolate – none of which have happened in the last year. By March, I seem to come to terms with these aspirations not happening, and I get bummed out.

Now that I’m a mom of a one-year-old, I need to be realistic about what I can accomplish. Not just a one-and-done goal, but a lifestyle change. Weight fluctuates, travel isn’t always feasible, and chocolate is always going to be there, but organizing and cleaning is always something on the back of my mind – and really something I need to focus more on.

My Resolution: Getting Organized for 2017

I see these immaculate Pinterest boards of beautifully clean houses, with everything in their place and labeled! Wouldn’t that be nice to walk into a house where everything has a place? A house that has everything everyone needs and nothing more?

No junk piling on the counter. No closet filled to the brim with last season’s clothes, miscellaneous photos, books, DVDs and games missing pieces. No bathroom with five toothbrushes (seriously, why do we have so many?) and 4-year-old glimmer bronze eye shadow (you know, just in case I ever get a wild hair and want to relive my college nightlife).

We don’t need or use half of the stuff we own. Why is it so hard for me to go through room by room and toss or donate everything?

I’ll tell you why…because it’s daunting, annoying, overwhelming, and strenuous. “What ifs” flood my mind each time I think to throw out smaller clothing, my daughter’s baby things, or outdated home décor. Plus, there’s just so much stuff, I don’t know where to begin.

My Resolution: Getting Organized for 2017

Well, now I have a plan. There is no legitimate reason I need to hang on to stuff that’s 2+ years old and collecting dust. So, I’ve made myself a purging to-do list for the new year. Tackling these mountains of junk will not only be freeing, but it’ll make me less anxious, more organized, and more in control.

It may not be an overnight venture, but I’m dedicating this year to maintain a clutter-free and minimalist space.

My Resolution: Getting Organized for 2017

Here’s my room-by-room plan for organizational bliss:

Inspired by cleanandsensible.com


  • Kitchen gadgets, accessories, utensils
  • Mismatched cups, plates and bowls – We don’t need 5 sets of tableware settings or 15 plastic cups!
  • Old spices and teas
  • Cookbooks – Seriously, we have 7 and never use them!
  • Junk drawer items (old batteries, non-working pens, misc. junk)
  • Random paperwork on the counter/old mail/coupons – I bet I have coupons that are 3+ years old sitting in there!
  • Cleaning supplies under the sink
  • Old or expired food items in pantry or fridge

Closets (hall, guest room, linen)

  • Old shoes, hats, mismatched gloves, and outerwear
  • Stored clothing in totes
  • Extra bags –I have a serious thing for reusable bags.
  • Expired lotions, shampoos, medicines, body washes, etc.
  • Old, dingy towels and unused linens and comforters
  • Sports equipment, Swiffer & accessories and vacuums – There is no reason we need 3 vacuums!
  • Craft and art supplies (broken, unused)


  • Closet (old or off-season clothes, old or mismatched shoes, accessories, broken jewelry, etc.)
  • Bedside tables
  • Sock and underwear drawers
  • Purse/wallets
  • Books
  • Clean out under the bed (hello, missing socks and pacifiers!)

My Resolution: Getting Organized for 2017

Family Room

  • Movies/CDs/video games
  • Books/magazines
  • Old or non-functional remotes or gaming systems
  • Random home décor or collectibles that are collecting dust


  • Non-functional styling equipment – Why am I hanging onto a semi-working curling iron?
  • Outdated or expired cosmetics and toiletries
  • Old toothbrushes, soap, dull razors
  • Dried up nail polish
  • Old, dingy towels and wash rags
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Recyclables & garbage (toilet paper rolls, boxes, room fresheners, burnt candles, etc.)

Kids’ Rooms

  • Toys (unused, broken)
  • Outgrown clothes, shoes, and accessories
  • Sock and underwear drawer
  • Knick-knacks and other unused “treasures”
  • Books/magazines
  • Old linens, comforters and blankets
  • Old or outdated home décor, posters or non-functional clocks


  • Sports equipment
  • Old paint cans or other household supplies
  • Wood, plywood, and other building material – I don’t know why 70% of our garage is full of this stuff!
  • Yard equipment
  • Gardening supplies and seeds
  • Hubby’s hunting accessories
  • Recyclables and garbage
  • Random “junk” that is no longer used or needed
  • Swings, play set, and outdoor toys (broken or unused)

My Resolution: Getting Organized for 2017


  • Side and back pockets, console, and glove compartment
  • Unused tools and other road maintenance accessories
  • Kids back seat area (check under seats and car seats, too!)


  • Storage room boxes and shelves – This could use it’s own detox plan!
  • Work bench area (old or broken tools and knick-knacks)
  • Hubby’s hunting supplies (boots, camo clothing, detergent, coveralls)
  • Laundry room (drier lint, expired or empty detergent, coins, washed paper, etc.)
  • Old paint cans, carpet, and light bulbs
  • Under the bar/in cabinets
  • Old blankets, pillows and toys
  • Miscellaneous junk

My Resolution: Getting Organized for 2017

As you can see, that’s a lot of stuff to go through! This isn’t even the most exhaustive list. I have dedicated 2 to 3 weeks per room or area of the house. It’s much more feasible if I take it room by room rather than try to accomplish it all in a few weeks (plus, my busy mom life would never allow that!). That way, I can really focus on every detail of the room instead of scrambling. I’m also going through and labeling boxes and plastic containers as well as ensuring every knick-knack has a place. Gone are the days where I set something on the counter and it gets lost in the abyss.

I’m sure I’m sitting on a dumpster full of things I can toss, donate, or sell. I normally hate cleaning, but this strategy has got me excited. It’ll feel like a brand new house – a house that I’d be proud of pinning a Pinterest board. I feel confident that this is one resolution I can keep.

Who knows, maybe doing this will make me a minimalist after all?

What are your home organization tips? Please share!


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