Designing A Gallery Wall

Designing A Gallery Wall

Have you ever thought of designing a gallery wall in your home? Do you have tons of photos of your kids on your phone, but your walls are still empty of images? For many, it’s overwhelming to take a blank canvas and fill it with a gallery of photos. However, designing a gallery wall doesn’t have to be complicated. Let’s break it down into manageable steps you can handle! 

Tips for Designing a Gallery Wall 

Measure space available.

Your wall space will determine how many photos your wall will fit. The space in the examples below are approximately 7ft x 4ft and 10ft by 4ft.

Determine the photos you want to feature.

It could be a certain number of photos per child or the number of photos your photographer sent you after your recent family shoot. Remember, it does NOT have to be an even number! 

Determine which size to print each photo.

Whether you decide to vary sizes or use all the same size, your feature wall will be a surprise! If you choose to mix up the sizing, I recommend using 2-4 frame sizes; the more significant the space, the more size variation. For an extensive bold look, a 16 x 20 should work perfectly. If you’re unsure, I’d start with 5×7, 8×10, and 11×14.

Use all the same brands and colors of frames.

I prefer to create a consistent and uniform look, so I used all the same brands and colors of frames in my displays. These are my favorite frames because they are simple and affordable. You can pick them up at your local Michaels store or buy bulk packs for an even lower price on their website. 

Incorporate other items

Don’t be afraid to add additional items. Try visiting Hobby Lobby or a local craft/vendor fair to find unique items to include in your feature wall. I like having metal signs or floating shelves to keep things looking unique. 

Choose Layout

This is likely the most challenging part: clear off the kitchen table or find a space to lay out your frames on the floor. Start from the middle and work your way out. Push yourself outside the box by offsetting frames – everything doesn’t have to be a perfect reflection from left to right. Try splitting your frames into two sets – Left and Right – then try a different layout on each side. As long as they have the same size and number of frames on each half, it should still feel balanced without looking the same. Doing the same layout on each side is OK, too; it’s a bit more noticeable if you don’t get the spacing just right! 

If you’re having trouble with the layout, check out the examples below or browse Pinterest for ideas for your space!

Use Velcro command strips for easy hanging.

My favorite wall-hanging hack is using Velcro hanging materials. If I’m doing a big gallery wall, I go for Costco’s big pack of Velcro command strips! A bonus, when using this method, if you did have the spacing off a bit, it’s easy to readjust a particular frame or two! Be sure to follow the instructions on the package because it will show you how many to use for each frame. Additionally, if a frame is placed incorrectly, it can be removed from the wall without damage! 

Use uniform spacing

It’s best to find an object with the appropriate width for spacing and set it in between the frames as you are mounting them. I typically use a small level, so it has a dual purpose! Don’t stress if they aren’t perfectly spaced; you’re likely the only one who will notice. 

Small Gallery Wall Display for smaller spaces
Small Gallery Wall Display for smaller spaces

In the small gallery wall example, the space I used is approximately 7′ x 4′ and consists of 8 photos with the addition of a family tree metal sign. These photos are all in black and white, and each frame has a white mat around the image with a black frame. I used four 5×7, two 8×10, and two 11×14 frames for this setup. 

Large Gallery Wall Display for Vaulted Ceilings
Large Gallery Wall Display for Vaulted Ceilings

In the prominent gallery wall example, I used approximately 10′ x 4′ space and included 22 photos. The frames are all the same style and color, while all the images are in color! I used two 16×20 frames as the focal point and then surrounded them with two 11×14, twelve 8×10, and six 5×7 frames.

If you need more photos for your gallery wall, here are some tips for taking better pictures with your phone! After you use these steps to assemble your gallery wall, don’t forget to share your photo with us at Cedar Rapids Moms!

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