Cleaning Hacks: Cleaning Made Cheaper and Easier

Once upon a time, I spent way to long scrubbing at stains and spent too much money on cleaning products. Overall, I spent way more time than I would like trying to keep my home clean. To be honest, I’ve never enjoyed cleaning. I mean, I love a clean house and that makes me happier and causes me less stress.

Cleaning Hacks: Cleaning Made Cheaper and Easier

However, when the mess is already there, it takes a lot of motivation for me to get started without causing myself extra stress. Since becoming a mom, I have even less time to clean. So, I’ve had to learn some quicker cleaning methods to add into my routine, thanks to some fellow mom friends and Pinterest, of course.

Here are three of my favorite cleaning hacks with ingredients you most likely have at home already!

1. Quick Microwave Cleaning

Seriously! Why hadn’t I found this hack years ago! All you need for this is a microwave safe bowl, water, and vinegar. Take your microwave safe bowl, add 2 c of water with 2 tbsp of vinegar. Microwave for about 3-5 minutes, then let sit for another 2 minutes to finish steaming in the microwave. Very carefully remove the bowl. Now use a paper towel to wipe out whatever leftover food remnants remain (because we all know every family has someone who just can’t remember to use the plate cover). This method is so much easier than trying to spray and scrub it all out.

Cleaning Hacks: Cleaning Made Cheaper and Easier

2. Deodorizing Carpet Cleaner

This one I learned from another mama friend! We have a Bernese mountain dog (a.k.a. all the fur), two cats, and two children. On days where I can kick everyone outside or have my husband occupy them in another room, I use this powder mix to help get any smells out of our carpet. All you need is to mix ½ c of baking soda and ½ c of borax (Bonus: Add your favorite essential oil for a scent), place in a large salt shaker or mason jar. Sprinkle sparingly across the carpet, let sit for 15 minutes, then just vacuum it all up. This stuff is way cheaper, and less chemicals than the stuff I used to buy at the store.

Cleaning Hacks: Cleaning Made Cheaper and Easier

3. Bathroom Cleaner

I found this recipe here and it is my absolute favorite now for cleaning our bathroom. You probably already have all the ingredients on hand! In a spray bottle, combine ½ c of Dawn dish soap and ½ c vinegar. Again, you can add essential oils to this as well if you’d like a scent. Spray on your shower, tub, and sink, let sit for 30 minutes. Usually while this is sitting, I’ll take a dryer sheet and rub it around our baseboards. This helps prevent dust/hair (whether mine or my dog’s) from sticking to the baseboards. By now, time is up or I’m pulled away by something with my kids. When you return to finish the bathroom, all you need to do is scrub at any hard water stains, rinse with hot water, and be happy with your clean bathroom! 

Cleaning Hacks: Cleaning Made Cheaper and Easier

Those are my top three favorite cleaning hacks, that help me clean quicker and not blow my budget on cleaning supplies. Whether you’re looking for a quicker and easier way to clean your home, or trying to save money on cleaning products, I hope these help!

We all have to help each other out, especially in finding ways that help make our lives easier.

Are there any cleaning hacks you love to use? 

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