My Cleaning Calendar + Free Printable Checklist

I love lists, but I especially love crossing stuff off lists.

I need my tasks written down or they will not get done. I am incredibly scatter-brained, so that organization really helps me function. My nature is also messy and unobservant, so just doing things “as I notice them” doesn’t work for me.

When I re-did my cleaning calendar I tried to find a task list that would include every possible thing I would need. I struggled to find a comprehensive list, so I combined a bunch of smaller ones and now I’d like to share that with you!

As a homeschooling mom of 3 kids and 3 pets, I am sure there are items on my list that you don’t need and I’m sure there are some I’ve missed, but I hope this helps you get started with your own list! I also highly encourage getting your whole family involved with completing the chores.

My Cleaning Calendar + Free Printable ChecklistHere is what my cleaning calendar looks like:

Click here for a printable checklist!

Every Day:

Do the Dishes
Quick de-clutter

Multiple Days:

Get school ready (Sunday-Thursday)
Laundry (3x per week)
Baths (3x a week for our little ones)


Meal plan/groceries
Clean out car
Update calendar for week
Get school ready for week
Clean out backpacks

Clean out emails/pictures

Clean out fridge
Collect trash

Clean bathroom

Budget, clean out purse, go through paperwork

Projects around the house (I have a separate list of projects)
Comb the cat
Clean floors
Clean dog poop
Outside work
Wash towels


I spread the following out by putting items on for “2nd Sunday” or “4th Tuesday” each month.

Sanitize tablets/phones
Go through kids crafts
Mop floors
Test smoke detectors
Fire/tornado drills
Clean downstairs bathroom
Wash bedding (We do this a lot because our kids are young enough to make frequent messes on the beds. It’s on the calendar monthly just to make sure it doesn’t get missed for an extended time.)
Clean toaster tray
Clean dish drying rack
Vacuum furniture
Clean dog kennel
Give dogs medicine
Update baby books


Clean dining room chairs
Schedule dog nail trim
Clean computer/desk areas
Deep clean bathroom

For the following I suggest spreading tasks out so some are done starting in January, some in February, and some in March. For example, I dust the ceiling fans on the 1st Wednesday in January, April, July, and October. I clean the vacuum filter on the 4th Friday in March, June, September, and December. This keeps everything spread out nicely.

Every 3 Months:

Check air filter
Dust ceiling fans
Laundromat for large items
Organize bathroom cupboards
Organize bookshelves
Drano/snake in drains
Check for auto needs such as oil change, tire pressure, tire rotation
Rotate mattress
Sanitize/organize toys
Clean soap scum in bathroom/kitchen
Switch out toothbrushes/loofahs
Clean car seats/deep clean vehicles
Deep clean pet bowls
Clean walls, doors, baseboards, trim, door handles
Check and replace lightbulbs
Deep clean bedrooms (each bedroom as a separate task)
Deep clean dining room
Deep clean kitchen (I have a separate list detailing each step for deep cleaning kitchen)
Deep clean toy room
Deep clean basement
Deep clean laundry room and wipe down washer/dryer
Clean vacuum filter
Vacuum out registers and under appliances/furniture
Deep clean living room
Clean windows and window blinds

Every 6 Months:

Wash curtains and shower curtain
Load to dump if needed (March and September due to weather)
Clean out medicine cabinet
Clean bath toys and bathroom fan
Organize garage (March and September due to weather)
Organize storage closets
Switch shoes/coats (April and October due to weather)
Dust cobwebs
Home electrical safety checklist from utility company


Clean out filing cabinets (January)
Work on taxes (January)
Schedule yearly exams: well visits, dentist, vision, etc (January)
Valentine decor out (January/February)
Easter/spring décor out (March)
Plan kids’ birthday parties
Decide on activities for summer (March/April)
Clean closets/dressers (I do as a separate task for each kid’s room in March and August)
Sanitize everything (March, September, and December)
Fix clocks (March/November)
Remove cover from whole house fan (April)
Make sure yard is safe and ready to play (April)
Deep clean garbage cans (April and September)
Clean/inspect grill (April)
Coat closet: wash, organize, switch out (May and September)
Wash outside of house if needed (June)
Order new homeschool curriculum (June)
Decide on school year activities (July/August)
Switch out school stuff for year (August)
Clean dryer vent and decide on duct cleaning (September)
Fall décor out (September)
Clean gutters/downspouts (October)
Clean outdoor tools and put in storage (October/November)
Put away outdoor toys/get out winter toys (October/November)
Buy ice melt if needed (October)
Update overall budget (October)
Replace cover on whole house fan (November)
Winter décor out (Black Friday)


Schedule appointment to go over investments/life insurance/retirement planning

What have I missed? Or what do you do at a different frequency? I’d love to hear from you!

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