True Crime Podcasts to Binge

I love true crime podcasts. I’ve become addicted because I work from home and listen to them all day while I’m in my office. A spooky podcast is the perfect thing to get you feeling the Halloween vibes. This October, try listening to one of my podcast suggestions while you’re sitting in the school pickup line, grocery shopping with your AirPods in, or listening on your Alexa while you clean the house. I usually listen on Spotify while I do these things, but you can also listen for free on the Apple podcasts app. I’ve compiled a list of my 6 favorite (female-led) true crime podcasts below.

Take a listen and impress (or freak out) your friends with your true crime knowledge this Halloween.

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Crime Junkie

This show is the first true crime podcast I listened to. It got me hooked! Ashley Flowers and Brit, the show hosts, cover a new case each week and present you with all of the facts in an organized way. I like how each episode is a new case because I don’t always have the patience to binge a 12-episode podcast to get to the conclusion. It’s easy to follow and a great podcast for those with a morbid curiosity about true crime.


Not only do they cover murder cases, but the two hosts, Alaina and Ash, often discuss things like spooky roads and lighthouses, and even had a super interesting episode about the science of fear! Both the hosts tell stories that are super respectful to the crime victims’ families and have the perfect amount of humor throughout the episodes to give each “morbid” story a lighthearted twist.

Moms and Mysteries

The two mom besties who tell this show’s true crime stories are hilarious. Mandy and Melissa have a ton of episodes that you can listen to that cover a wide variety of crime cases with the perfect amount of levity. One of their hilarious quotes is, “We only bring you the facts… we just don’t know them.”  I also like the fact that they are moms, too, because I can relate when they joke about their kids.

My Favorite Murder

Karen and Georgia have been on the podcast charts constantly since they started this show in 2016. Their banter at the beginning of each episode makes me feel like I’m with a group of my girlfriends because the pair always cracks me up. Some of my favorite episodes have been their coverage of some lesser-known cases.  They usually do individual episodes covering 2 cases but also do some called “hometowns” where their listeners or celebrity guests write in.

And That’s Why We Drink

This one is a paranormal and a true crime podcast combined. Two friends, Christine and Em, each pick one ghost story and one true crime story and tell them to each other and their listeners each episode. The two of them are relatable. Their show’s bio even says “The world’s a scary place. And that’s why we drink!”  They are so good at storytelling that I have gotten goosebumps when listening to some of their episodes.

Killer Queens: A True Crime Podcast

Tyrella and Tori’s podcast is “True Crime and 90s Vibes.” They make a ton of 90s and friends references, which make me feel nostalgic and make each true crime story that they tell a little less heavy. They also have some sassy southern accents, and their southern metaphors make me laugh out loud.

Honorable Mention: Serial

Almost everybody has heard of this podcast by now, but I still included it in the list because it’s a fascinating story. The first season tells the story of the murder of Hae Min Lee and how Adnan Syed has served 24 years in prison for her murder.

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