This Holiday Thank You Card is Just For My Husband

Dear Husband,

With the holidays fast approaching I want to let you in on a little secret. Although I am proud to be the parent who remembers the kids’ sizes, favorite colors, and the newest styles, and even though I buy all of the presents, I could never survive this time of year without YOU.

I don’t tell you “thank you” enough or let you know how much I appreciate the sacrifices you make for our family to have a GREAT Holiday season.

A Holiday Thank You Card Just For My Husband

In your line of work, we never know whether or not you’ll have Thanksgiving Day off. Usually, you don’t get both Christmas Eve and Day with us. I can’t even remember how many years our kids had to write Santa asking to send gifts early or a day late so we could open our presents with Daddy. We fight with work schedules and unpredictable weather to find a good day to go cut down a Christmas tree and sometimes, I end up decorating it without you. You know there is always at least one family gathering I will attend alone and I’ll admit, I’m usually not very understanding about it. You know how much I *love* crowds of people (even our loved ones!)

A Holiday Thank You Card Just For My Husband

I have to tell you, in the past, I’ve been focused on me…me…me.

How unfair it is to wrap presents alone when you work a double.

How it hurts to wake up on Thanksgiving and watch the parade alone while trying to get the meal figured out with kiddos underfoot.

I make myself out to be the martyr, the lonely L.E.O. wife during the holidays. 

For that I am sorry.

I am afraid I didn’t take a closer look at the holidays from your perspective. 

You are the one working. You are physically laboring for the benefit of our family so that we can go purchase the latest trends and hottest toys. So we can buy the brand of turkey I like so much. You don’t always get to see your extended family at Grandma’s house. You work long hours, long days, away from your wife and kids on very special occasions and you have never asked for a thank you. 

But here is one anyway. 


Thank you for having an old fashioned work ethic.

Thank you for being one of the hardest working men I have ever met.

Thank you for showing up when you’re exhausted. 

Thank you for eating my turkey and green gravy even when you’re not hungry; you know I freak out if I think you don’t like my cooking.

Thank you for providing for us, everyday but especially for the holidays.

Thank you for not asking how much I spent on the kids.

Thank you for tolerating my obsession with Christmas music. And decorations. Movies. Candles. Food. You get the point.

Thank you for loving crazy old me. Thank you for being you!

A Holiday Thank You Card Just For My Husband

With all my love and gratitude,

Your Wife

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