Preparing To Live An Intentional Life In 2019

Every year around this time, I typically draw up some elaborate plan to makeover my life. Lose an absurd amount of weight, save a bunch of money, stop eating junk food… a variety of things that are never going to happen. This always leads to disappointment by the second week (if I’m lucky) of January. I am never intentional with these goals and have never developed a plan to reach them, hence the reason they always fail.

The older I get, the more important the simple things become– a warm home, food on the table, happy and healthy children. It’s not the extravagant lifestyle I dreamed of in my younger years. It’s not about dream vacations or having a million dollars in the bank. (However, if someone is able to make that happen, thank you in advance). I want to dedicate this upcoming year to intentional living– doing everything with a purpose and eliminating the distractions.

Intentional Mental Health

I will spend time each day to clear my mind and challenge myself, whether it is learning a new skill, having a conversation with someone who has opposing views or simply just thinking positive thoughts about myself. The voice in our heads is capable of making or breaking us each day and controls much more than we fully understand. I am determined to develop a healthy mindset and use my brain every day for things other than scrolling social media and watching mindless television.

Living an Intentional Life in 2019

Intentional Body Wellness

While I won’t be losing any set number of pounds this year, I will be focusing on moving my body. I will take a walk on a beautiful day or stretch each morning to warm up my muscles. Our bodies are put through the wringer on a regular basis and need some extra TLC. I would love to one day run another half-marathon or complete an obstacle-based race…but in 2019 it’s just about getting the blood flowing and feeling good.

Intentional in My Emotions

My heart is an area that has received quite the beating over the years. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one or just the disappointment life sent my way, there are several cracks that need to be filled. This year will be spent intentionally sharing the love and learning to accept it in return. My poor husband knows this battle all too well as I can build intense walls to keep others out. In 2019 I want to let people back in and allow my heart to finally heal.

The healing of my soul is the final area of my intentional year. I have found that this and yoga can go hand in hand. It helps me take a moment to breathe and relax. In a house of five humans and a dog, life can grow hectic and loud in a matter of seconds. Taking time every day for peace and quiet, a cup of caffeinated goodness and a cozy blanket will allow me to set my intentions for each day.

I hope that wherever life finds you as we close out this year and look towards the future, that you find the time to give yourself grace. It doesn’t matter if you’re a working mom who is trying to balance your job and home life or a college student preparing for graduation. You might be the stay-at-home mom with no time for herself or the grandma who would give anything for those loud and crazy days once again.

Let 2019 be the year that you create for yourself and stop living out someone else’s dreams. Look for the good in every day and spread a little love wherever life takes you.

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