New Year, Same Old Me: A NEW Perspective on Resolutions

We live in a self-love, body-positive, be mindful and present, self-care promoting society. So why do we have the one rule that every January 1st you must change something about yourself? Why are New Year’s Resolutions usually so negative?

2020 New Year-New ME? Nope. I will still be me.

I will still have weight to lose, habits to kick, things I should have finished years ago and things I should have started years ago. I’ll still be shaking my head when people ask what my resolution is. I think that is a rather personal question anyway. Maybe I’ll tell people I’d like to finally stop chewing on my toenails! That will teach ‘em! (Disclaimer- that was a joke. Nothing from my feet goes into my mouth! Yuck!) 

This year I am changing how I view the word “resolution”.

The definition of resolution: a firm decision to do or not to do something. I think this is the definition most of us think of when we hear “New Year’s Resolutions”. But the word resolution can also mean the quality of being determined or resolute.

I could get behind that one. I’d like to have purpose, determination, perseverance, strength of will, and boldness this year. 

So many changes are happening in 2020 for our family: my husband and I will both turn 30, one daughter will start High School, another Middle School, and the baby girl will be in Kindergarten. (And they are all homeschooled! Pray for me!)

We have also signed up to be foster and/or adoptive parents so who even KNOWS what will come of that! This year will hopefully bring healthy growth and positive change for us. 

There are a hundred things I could put under “resolution” but what I truly want to do is to CONTINUE.

I want to continue doing more of the things that bring me joy. I want to wake up early and spend time sipping coffee with my husband before the kids wake up. I want to bake more cookies with my teen(s) and NOT feel guilty for eating all 24 of them. I want to have more girls’ days with my best friend and leisurely stroll through Target together. I will read books that make me laugh. I will watch shows that make me cry. I will eat some cake, sing a silly karaoke song, dance with my husband in the dark, and smile every day.

None of these things are new. This isn’t the “new me”. This is simply me reflecting on the best parts of my day to day life and trying to have more of those moments. I may not be happy every day, but I am content with my life. There is happiness in each day, even if it is fleeting and sandwiched by cruddy events or circumstances. I can grab onto that feeling and pull it out later when I need a reminder that everything is going to be okay.

I don’t want to place my focus on the negative.

I don’t want to write down the one, two, three, or more things I’d like to stop doing. I do not want to be controlled by a scale or a chart. I’d rather not have to listen to the broken record in my own mind– you said you’d quit ______. You said you’d start______. You haven’t ________yet today. And being reminded every time someone asks for my resolution doesn’t encourage me when I feel like I’ve failed.

2020 will be a year of commitment to purposeful and intentional joy because I am going to take the time to DO what really brings me joy. I hope you’ll find this inspirational and do the same. The more joy we feel- the more joy we can spread. 

Wishing you a year full of health and happiness!

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