Three Easy Ways to Support Teachers at the Beginning of the Year

Back to School is a hectic time for most families. Gathering school supplies, making physicals, registering for school activities and readjusting to new routines take so much time and energy. When the first day of school finally rolls around most of us breathe a sigh of relief.

But there are a few people for whom the craziness is continuing: teachers and other school employees!!

Three Easy Ways To Support Teachers At the Beginning of the School Year

They have been tirelessly working to prepare the school, classrooms, and instruction for your students. Teachers and school employees are excited (and exhausted) for the school year to start and one of these little acts can perk them up!

Include Extra School Supplies

If it’s in your budget, grab a few extra dry erase markers, kleenex, disinfectant wipes, pencils or baggies. These supplies tend to get eaten up quickly during the school year. When doing your back-to-school shopping don’t forget your middle school and high school teachers!

A Small Treat

Since they have probably been working like crazy to get the school and classroom ready, they deserve a little pick me up. A small jar of chocolates, a gift certificate for a coffee, or a couple of dollars for the staff pop machine comes in handy on those first days back to school.

A Thank You Note

Sometimes the days are long and working at a school can feel like an uphill battle. A small note thanking them for all they have done over the summer and before the school year goes a long way! You could also wish them the best for the remainder of the year. This is especially great for often-overlooked workers such as special education teachers, ‘specials’ teachers and office and custodial staff.

By taking just a few minutes to think of teachers and other staff at ‘Back to School’, you can help the school year start on a brighter note for everyone.

What do you do to help teachers at the beginning of the school year?

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