Your Plan for 25 Days of Elf on the Shelf

Christmastime is here! Santa Claus and his eight famous reindeer (nine if you count Rudolph) are getting ready to visit all the good little boys and girls of the world.  But before that day arrives, many of those little boys and girls are visited by another magical member of the North Pole…

The Elf on the Shelf.  

25 Days of Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Our elf, Snowflake, made her debut in 2016 on December 1st when our daughter was three years old.  Snowflake quickly became a hit and a highly anticipated holiday tradition in our house.

Whether it’s the day after Thanksgiving, the night you put up your Christmas tree, or on December 1st; when Santa’s little helper makes his or her arrival at your house, the fun begins.

Some may like to keep it low key with their elf. Others may take it to the extreme. Some may do a little of both.  And then some may choose never to even begin at all! Wherever you fall, it never hurts to gather inspiration and ideas from others who are playing the same elf role.  

With that being said, here is our plan for 25 Days of Elf on the Shelf:

  1. Welcome Back! Go big or small with their arrival. Have your elf bring a new book to read or color, a game, or tickets to a show. Or just have them sitting somewhere in plain sight.  
  2. Donation Box. Wrap a box with wrapping paper and leave it under the tree with a note asking your child to fill it with books/toys they’d like to donate to other boys and girls in need.
  3. Simple move to a new location in the house.
  4. Snowball Fight. We love these in our house! Empty all the snowballs into your child’s room during the night and prepare for load of indoor snowball fight fun!  
  5. Good Deed Card. Encourage your child to do a good deed at some point during the day.
  6. Simple move to a new location in the house.
  7. Toilet paper around the Christmas tree.
  8. Make a snow angel in some flour on the table or the counter.
  9. Surprise for Good Behavior! Have a small little gift (think dollar section at Target) to let your child know their elf is happy with their good behavior.
  10. Simple move to a new location in the house.
  11. Do you want to build a snowman? Make a snowman with three rolls of toilet paper.  Cut out eyes, a carrot nose, and buttons to tape on it the  place the elf right on top.
  12. Good Deed Card. Encourage your child to do a good deed at some point during the day. 
  13. Write a note on the bathroom mirror with dry erase marker and tape the elf on the mirror or place them somewhere in the bathroom.
  14. Simple move to a new location in the house.
  15. Family Pajamas! Have your elf on the shelf bring matching pajamas for the whole family to wear during a holiday movie night.
  16. Put the elf head first inside a bag of M&M’s with their legs sticking out.  
  17. Good Deed Card. Encourage your child to do a good deed at some point during the day.
  18. Spell out a simple message (Good Morning, Santa Say Hi, Be Good) using marshmallows, M & M’s or chocolate chips.  
  19. Pretend the elf on the shelf was coloring/scribbling in their coloring book.
  20. Simple move to a new location in the house.
  21. Tea Party. Gather some of their dolls or stuffed animals and place them all in a circle with Tupperware or kitchen dishes to make it appear they had a little party.
  22. Good Deed Card. Encourage your child to do a good deed at some point that day.  
  23. Elf Spa Day. Fill a crock pot with cotton balls and place the elf inside as if it’s having a bubble bath.
  24. Simple move to new location in the house.
  25. Christmas Eve Box. Have a box wrapped with a new pair of Christmas pajamas to wear to bed, a Christmas movie to watch that night, a pack of hot chocolate to drink, and a Christmas book to read. Then have a goodbye note that says how much fun they’ve had and they will see them next year!

Ready…set…go!  Let the elfing begin!  

25 Days of Elf on the Shelf

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