A Summer Games Party: Decorative Crafts for Kids

Every four years, when the Big Summer Games start, there is a buzz in the air. On every channel, they are talking about the countries, teams, and events. You hear about it on the radio, and you see “Team USA” clothing in stores. One of my memories growing up is when The Games are on, the TV always seemed to be on. You would sit down as a family in the evening to watch, or catch glimpses throughout the day.

Now, I hope to share that excitement as my daughter grows. To show her great role models: people who have overcome great obstacles in order to chase a dream; people who have put in incredible amounts of practice, dedication, and sacrifice to reach their goals. To show her teamwork, good sportsmanship, and countries coming together.

Perhaps you are looking forward to watching The Games with your family as well! Here are a few fun, kid-friendly, craft ideas to decorate your own themed party.

1. Colored Backdrop

This is super simple to make, easy to customize, and makes a big impact! Run streamers down the length of the wall—you can choose how long, how many, and how far apart. While I chose to use the colors of the official rings, you could also do your team colors, or even a single solid color. I did mine very close together along the span of the wall and added a couple twists, taping at the bottom to add some fun!

olympics crafts

2. Rings

There are so many ways you could make a display of the official rings! I chose to cut out circles of paper to decorate my table. Other ideas could be colored wreaths, balloons, even kids’ painted handprints!

3. Team Spirit Bracelets

A fun craft for all ages! Have different colored pipe cleaners on hand to make bracelets supporting the team people are cheering for. Make sure to have a lot of red, white, and blue! Also good to have on hand: black, green, yellow, a lighter blue, and orange.

4. Gold Medals

Another fun thing to decorate with are gold medals and trophies. This can be a fun way for kids to display their awards, or make some new ones! Medals can be made out of gold or silver duct tape, spray painted wooden circles, or you could even make it a tasty treat and use the gold-wrapped chocolate candy medals. All it takes is a little ribbon and either hot glue or tape to turn it into a medal to wear!

5. Torch

A symbol of the Games, the torch holds a lot of tradition. Make sure to include one in your festivities! This one is not only the finishing touch to your décor, but also a fun, kid-friendly themed craft. Here, I used a half sheet of posterboard (cardstock, or any heavier paper would work), some gold duct tape, and two sheets of tissue paper: one yellow, one red. All was found at my local dollar store, and I had enough supplies for multiple kids to make their own!

olympics crafts

I hope you enjoy these simple, kid-friendly, decor ideas for your own Summer Games watching party!

To complete your Summer Games party, try out some of these yummy, themed snack ideas from Brittney!

What is your favorite event to watch? I love gymnastics, taekwondo, and swimming!



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