Easy Handmade Snowman Ornament!

We failed at making ornaments–you know, those fancy homemade salt dough ornaments? I had the kids help measure, mix and roll out the dough. They chose their shapes and cut out the ornaments. We baked them. It was time to clean up and start painting the salt dough ornaments and the kids were done. The “do we have to” and “can you just paint them” started. In my head this was supposed to be fun. It was not fun anymore.  They slapped on some paint and called it a day. By the time it was all said and done the day had passed. I was exhausted, the kids were tired and now there was a giant mess that no one wanted to clean up.  

So I told myself I was never going to do that again. 

Handmade gifts are fun to make! But sometimes, the thought of gathering all the supplies and the time to craft is overwhelming. I was strolling around the craft store trying to find a fun and easy handmade gift the kids could create. After making several trips up and down the aisles, it dawned on me! What if we filled an ornament with artificial snow and drew on a snowman face?

Here is a 10 minute ornament that the kids can make themselves with little help from you! 

easy handmade snowman ornament

Supplies Needed

Go to your local craft store and purchase the following:

  •  clear plastic ornaments (bonus if you find the ones that completely open, making it very easy to put the snowflakes or foam balls inside!)
  • Iridescent Snowflakes or Slime Ballz (white foam balls),
  • googly eyes
  • iridescent glitter
  • puff paint pens or Sharpies! 

 You may also want a glue gun if you already do not have that on hand. 

How to Make the Ornament

The first step is to make a funnel and put the snowflakes or foam balls inside. A tip from my daughter is to use the snowflakes because the foam balls have a lot of static cling.

Add some iridescent glitter inside for an extra sparkle.

Glue the top of the ornament shut to prevent a mess in case it pops off in storage. 

easy handmade snowman ornament

My kids favorite part is to make the faces! My kids did a variety of ornament faces. They used puffy paint, hot glued on googly eyes or used the Sharpie to make their snowmen come to life.  Not only did they make snowmen, but they used their imaginations to make other snow creatures, too!

easy handmade snowman ornament

Share with me the fun and easy holiday crafts you like to do with your kids!

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