True Confessions of a Girly-Girl Mom

When I was pregnant we chose to not find out the gender of our baby. To us it didn’t matter either way, so we waited the nine months to find out. I was convinced the entire pregnancy that I was having a boy. I had a lot of friends pregnant around the same time and they were all having boys, so I figured I probably was, too. I was shocked when my husband announced, “It’s a girl!” when our daughter was born. I asked him several times, “For real?” because I was so sure we were having a boy. Since my daughter was born, I’ve embraced being a girl mom. Because she’s 16-months-old right now and I still have a say in things, I’m fully making her a girly-girl! Here are some of my confessions of being a girly-girl mom.

I can not do hair.

My daughter was blessed with a full head of hair since birth, and it has only continued to grow. We want to grow out her bangs, but this results in me needing to put her hair up every single day. I’ve perfected the “Pebbles” ponytail, but have no idea how to do anything else to it. Any moms have words of advice or help they can give me?! I can’t braid, curl, or style my own hair, so I have no idea how I’m going to do hers!

girl mom
An example of my hair skills…or lack thereof.

Everything has to coordinate.

I know I put this pressure on myself, but I feel the way she looks is a reflection of me. I like to have everything she wears match and coordinate. Socks have to match the outfits she is wearing and shoes have to coordinate. I figure I still have control over what she wears each day, so I take full advantage of picking out her clothes.

She has a better wardrobe than me.

It’s impossible to resist wanting to buy every single girl outfit you see. Since we didn’t find out the gender before she was born, I didn’t shop for any clothes before she was born. A lot of her clothes have been gifts, but I’ve purchased my fair share of her wardrobe too.  At some stores, baby and toddler clothes are virtually adult clothes in tiny sizes. Little people in gladiator sandals–I can’t even resist! I have to avoid walking into some stores or I know I’ll be leaving with a smaller bank account balance. I no longer find myself updating my wardrobe, but instead want her to have the cutest stuff. I have a serious problem and completely admit it. I can only hope that whenever we have a second child we have a girl so I can get use of all the clothes again!

girl mom
A very SMALL sample of her wardrobe

Headbands and bows–oh my!

The girl has more headbands and bows than she knows what to do with. The sad thing is, she won’t let us put headbands in her hair anymore, but when she was younger they were a daily occurrence on her head. Of course, they had to coordinate or match the outfit she was wearing, too. She may not let us put headbands in her hair, but bows still stay in without being ripped out. We’ve started a collection of bows and they, too, have to match the outfit she is wearing. She warmed my heart the other week when I asked if she wanted to wear a hair tie or a bow. She very quickly answered me back, “a bow”. Girl after my own heart.

I’m frightened for the tween/teenage years.

I was awful in middle school and high school. I talked back, argued with my parents (more specifically my mom), and put them through hell. It was probably a daily occurrence that I told my mom I hated her (Sorry, Mom!). My hormones were through the roof, and I had no idea how to handle what was going on. When my husband told me we had a little girl the first thought was, “Oh crap. I’m going to get payback!” I also see daily how hard those years are, since I work in a high school. Girls are so mean to other girls. They can be manipulative, vindictive, and backstabbing. I’m hoping if we can raise her to be a strong and independent girl that those years won’t sting as bad, but I know I’m set to have a challenge down the road.

girl mom
A look into our future when she is a teenager?!

Glitter goes everywhere.

We haven’t had too much experience with craft projects and glitter yet, but I’ve heard from other girl moms that once glitter is in the picture, it’s hard to get rid of. I made a tulle tutu for her first birthday. I bought some gold glitter tulle not even thinking about the glitter getting all over the place. I was finding glitter on my clothes, on our floors, on her face, and on our furniture weeks after her party. It’s impossible to get rid of, but most little girls love a little sparkle and shine!

Are you a girly-girl mom? Do you have anything to add to the list?

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  1. Colleen was the only girl of this only girl so of course she was always in pink or purple and bows and lace. As she got to be about 3 she did prefer dresses but also enjoyed things like sitting in the sand box or climbing and holding her skirt over her head! Not very lady like! Of course she has grown up to be a dancer and a strong independent thinker and still prefers girly girl things and definitely a little bit of sparkle!

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