If You Put a Toddler to Bed…

Inspired by “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” by Laura Joffe Numeroff:

If You Put a Toddler to Bed...

If you put a toddler to bed….they’re going to ask you for a good night kiss.

When you give them a kiss, they’ll probably ask you to read them a book.

When you’re finished reading, they’ll ask for “just one more”.

Then, they’ll want to argue with you that it isn’t time for bed yet.

While they argue, they’ll realize they aren’t going to win.

So they’ll probably try another stalling tactic—they need to go potty.

When they’re finished going potty, they’ll want to go say good night to daddy.

They’ll go say good night to daddy.

They might get carried away and say good night to everyone in the house.

They may even end up saying good night to inanimate objects, just to stay out of bed!

When they’re done, they’ll go back to their room.

You’ll fix up their bed for them with their million stuffed animals and one precious blanket.

They’ll crawl in, make themselves comfortable, and tuck in their animals a few times.

They’ll probably ask you to give them a drink.

So you’ll hand them their sippy cup, and they’ll ask for cold water instead.

While you’re getting the cold water, they’ll get another burst of energy and start playing in their bed.

They’ll ask for another book.

And for one book more.

When that book is finished, they’ll ask you to tuck them in…and all their stuffed animals.

Then they’ll want you to say good night to all their animals.

Which means the animals will also need a good night hug and kiss.

They’ll smile up at you and you’ll start to leave the room.

Watching you leave the room will remind them that…they need another good night hug.

And chances are, if they ask for a hug, they’re going to want a kiss to go with it!

Anyone else feel this way?

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  1. I love this. This is how I feel every night…mix in a little bit of crying because I don’t let him do anything (because I am making him get in bed) and a whole lot of “mommy will you snuggle with me” Its a never ending bed time…but then I think…how long with this last? Will it last another 10 years or just this year, or maybe only tonight…and I curl up and snuggle till he falls asleep.

    • I feel the same way! I’ve fallen into indulging my kiddos and doing whatever they want at bedtime. Because the snuggles are irreplaceable… and they go away too soon! So you snuggle and enjoy it!! 🙂

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