Bring on Spring! 10 Must-Have Kid Items for the Season

Some may say that Spring’s warmer weather and increased daylight hours make it their favorite season.  

While I don’t know if I’d fully agree with that, (I’m more of a Fall person), there is definitely something to be said about saying goodbye to the dark and cold of Winter. 

The sunshine, blooming flowers, warm colors, and increased outdoor time are a few more reasons to celebrate this lovely season.  Add in some increased motivation, productivity, and a positive attitude and you’ve got yourself a perfect combination!

With Spring we also experience random and unpredictable weather.  There may be days of sunshine and blue skies; where an afternoon spent playing outside and a long walk is exactly what we need.  Then there may be dreary, dark, and damp days that bring rain showers and mud puddles. 

Bring on Spring!  10 Must-Have Kid Items for the SeasonTo fully enjoy this season the best thing we can do is be prepared for whatever it may bring.  

Here are 10 must-have kids items for Spring:

  1. Rain Boots & Rain Jacket – these may be the most important items to have on hand.  Rainy days are ones we often see during Spring, but some of the best memories can be made playing outside during a spring shower so these two items could get a lot of use.  
  2. Umbrella – this ties right in with rain boots and a rain jacket.  Kids love having their own “kid-size” umbrella they can open, hold,  and carry on their own.  
  3. Outdoor Toys – fresh air is good for the soul, no matter our age.  Having items like sidewalk chalk, bubbles, a bubble machine, kites, frisbee, t-ball set, golf set, kickball, etc., accessible to our kids allows them the ability to choose what they’d like to do.  
  4. Multiple Jackets – with the ever-changing weather Spring brings, having a variety of jackets in the closet can be very useful.  A lightweight jacket with a hood for windy days, a jean jacket for a more dressy look, and a fleece jacket are a few that could come in handy. 
  5. Tennis Shoes & Sneakers – good fitting tennis shoes are the best for running, climbing, and getting dirty.  It might not be a bad idea to even have two pairs.  Sneakers are another good idea for a more dressy/cute look to go along with that jean jacket!  A perfect option when it’s not quite sandal weather but we are ready to pack away the boots!
  6. Gardening Gloves & Tools – be sure to check out the Target $1 spot for these!  If your family enjoys gardening of any kind I’m sure your kids will also love helping with items of their own.  
  7. Sunglasses – Honestly, what kid doesn’t look adorable rocking a cute pair of shades!
  8. Yard Items/Tools – things like a bird feeder, rake, shovel, toy push lawn mower, bug net, bug jar, and grass seed are a few ways to allow our kids to be helpful while still being able to play.
  9. Play Clothes – the sole purpose of having play clothes on hand is so they can get dirty!  With Spring, there will be mud.  Lots of mud!  
  10. Hats – from a baseball cap to a sun hat and maybe even a visor!  A hat is a great way to protect our kid’s faces from the sun after so many months of not being outside.
Bring on Spring!  What are your Spring must-haves for your kids?

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