Gifts for Men: Thinking Outside the Box

Buying a gift for a child is easy. The toy aisle is flooded with possibilities to spoil them. Men, on the other hand, can be a real challenge to surprise with a worth-while gift.

The problem begins with the various types of men you may be shopping for. There is the man who claims to need nothing. The man who asks only for socks. The man who has everything and will buy anything. Whether it’s your significant other, father, father-in-law, brother, brother-in-law, or even great-uncle, we have you covered.

This list of man gifts that range from practical, daily necessities, to pricy, but high-quality splurges that will last for years.

Gifts for Men: Thinking Outside the Box


Metal Wallet

These heavy duty wallets from The Ridge can house up to 12 cards plus a clip for cash.  It also includes RFID blocking components which protects you from credit card cloning. Bonus: Lifetime warranty.

Silicone Ring

Qualo offers comfortable, inexpensive rings for men who may not want to wear an expensive, metal ring to work or while working out. Bonus: These are for women also, so you could snag a his and hers pair. 

Bluetooth Beanie 

Give him this hands-free, cord-free way to listen to music or make phone calls throughout the winter season. Bonus: It’s washable!


Dress Shirt

With a price tag of $125, this Mizzen and Main dress shirt is a splurge, but one that will last. The lightweight fabric offers a little stretch and is much less likely to wrinkle. Bonus: These look sharp under a sweater for the holidays, without overheating him.


These Lululemon pants will keep him comfortable and classy. The fabric offers a four-way stretch and sweat-wicking fabric. These are available in a look more suitable for work or a jogger style for weekend wear. Bonus: These can easily transition from work to play.

Adult Onesie

Cute, cuddly, and dare I say sexy? An adult onesie makes a fun, comfy gift for your honey. Bonus: Who am I kidding? It is really for me. 

T-Shirt Quilt

If he has a drawer full of old T-shirts from his high school days, college years, or just an oversupply of sentimental shirts you are ready to toss, this could be the perfect gift. He will be given a bag with instructions and can easily send them in the mail. Bonus: Project Repat is a company with a beautiful story who will do all the sewing for you.

Gifts for Men: Thinking Outside the Box

Food and Drink

BBQ Sauces and Seasonings

Give your master griller his favorite flavors. Bonus: The three pack of sauces from Buffalo Wild Wings comes in a carrying tote that offers excellent presentation and requires no gift wrapping.

Mini Crockpot

Your mister can dump leftovers or a can of soup in this Mini Crockpot for a quick lunch to tote to work. Bonus: No waiting in line for the microwave.

Gifts for Men: Thinking Outside the Box

Protein Shaker Bottle

This portable mixer quickly blends powder into his favorite pre or post-workout drink while minimizing unwanted clumps. Bonus: Super easy cleanup and rechargable via a USB.

Yeti Drinkware

These Rambler tumblers will keep his favorite beverage at his preferred temperature. Bonus: Built to last. 

Beer Growler

Give him a freshly poured brew from one of our local breweries. Granite City offers a variety of craft beers to tote in a growler. Bonus: He can take it back in for refills at a discount rate. 

Six Pack Variety Beer

Benz Beverage Depot has a wide variety of fine foods and beverages. Consider picking up a six pack of unique beers. Bonus: Make it a date night and pick up a six pack together. 

Beer of the Month

Have quality craft beers delivered to his door. Pick a subscription that suits his taste. Bonus: You can add on a cigar of the month. 

Personal Hygiene 

Nose Hair Trimmer

Truth: He will never admit to wanting or needing this item, but he does need it in his life. Bonus: It can be used in the shower, leaving no nostril hairs left behind.

Dollar Shave Club

A $5 starter set includes a razor and some personal hygiene products for his delicate skin. A 9$/month subscription keeps replacement cartridges coming. Bonus: Not having to leave the house. 

Parlor Shave

Give him the gift of an authentic razor shave at The Men’s Room Hair and Beard Parlor. Bonus: Free beer on Friday and Saturdays.



Give him a gift card to The Quarter Barrel Arcade and Brewery. Pair this with a bundle of quarters to use on his favorite games. Bonus: The food is also amazing!

Guys Night In

Offer to host a guys night for your man and his friends. Break the news to him with a gift basket full of a game (perhaps poker chips and cards), snacks, and drinks. It could also be for watching a sporting event in which case you could include 

a t-shirt or koozie displaying his favorite team. Bonus: You do not have to pick him up in the wee hours of the morning. 

Gifts for Men: Thinking Outside the Box

So before you throw in the towel and purchase a pack of white gym socks, consider your options.

What are your go-to gifts for the men in your life?

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