Celebrating Mom at Every Age

Since the age of five, when my children were expanding their knowledge with reading and writing, they have become excellent at tugging on mom’s heartstrings through sweet little notes. From being called “The beest mom” {best} and the incredible phrase of “You are 100% are mom” {our}, these notes are something I treasure each and every time. I’m constantly reminded by mothers of older children to cherish these times, because they certainly do not last forever.


What changes? Why do these sweet little children stop declaring their true feelings for the woman who gave them life? {I know, I know…we grow up, friends are cooler than our Mom, and it is just part of life.} All of this sparked my next step:

Sweet little sentiments for Mom…

Over the past few weeks, I spoke with people of all ages to see what they love about their Mother. It turns out, no matter how old we get, we still need and love our moms, whether we tell them daily or not. Even when we feel like our back is against the wall, or our kids don’t need us anymore, let this be a reminder that they do, and everything you have done and continue to do never goes unnoticed.

 “What I love about my mom…”

Brayden (age 8)- “I love that my mom lets us have the best times of our life.”

Cody (age 21)- “What I love about my mom is that she has always believed in me and my dreams even when I didn’t.”

Christa (age 26)- “I love that my mom has never given up hope on me, through all the pain I have caused her for being in an abusive relationship, she never lost hope that I would leave, and every day she has helped me stay strong while staying strong herself.”

Nicholas (age 26)- “What I love about my mom is her compassion for the things I have done–both positive and negative in my life–and the fact that she truly cares and loves you and the kids just as much (if not more than) me!”  (Ladies and gentlemen, my fiancé…he didn’t mean that last part!)

Lori (age 52)- “My mom taught me to be strong, to be a fighter, to never give up on myself…I don’t remember being told ‘I love you’ much growing up, and she never coddled us (except maybe my brother…ha!); it was always kind of a ‘tough love’ with her…but I think in the long run she molded me into who I am because of that.”

Karen- “What I love about my mother is her faith in God. When she was having heart surgery over 15 years ago, she told us not to worry as she knew God would do what was meant to be…if this was her time, she was ok with that. God knew we still needed her. She has always put others before herself and worked hard every day to make sure we always had what we needed; her love is unconditional and continuous. God blessed me with the best, as far as I am concerned. If I am even a fraction of the mother she is, my children are blessed as well. Love her more each day!”

“I love when my mom…”

Max (age 5)- “I love when my mom plays downstairs with me and when she makes salmon and couscous.”

Bryce (age 8)- “I love when my mom buys me new toys”

Kayla (age 22)- “This one might be odd, but I love when my mom steals my jeans—I know it’s nothing as significant as this, but it reminds me she does as much as she can to understand my perspective, even when she doesn’t necessarily want to.

“My favorite thing to do with my mom…”

Ellie (age 2)- “Treehouse!”

Amiyah (age 6)- “My favorite thing to do with my mom is to have a mommy-daughter day and plant flowers with her and when she takes me to the park and when she takes me to get my hair done.”

Emerson (age 8)- “My favorite thing to do with my mom is when she says “I love you” and when she sings “…you make me happy when skies are gray.”

Ben (age 21)- “My favorite thing to do with my mom is watching baseball and answering all of her questions about the sport.”

Paige (age 24)- “I have so many favorite things to do with my mom. One of my favorite though is being home visiting and her asking if I want to go to the grocery store with her. BRIGHT AND EARLY! Even though I wish I was sleeping in, I love that she asks me and I always go!”

For my own mom…

Personally, what I love about my mom is that she stood by me through the darkest hours of my life, and showed me at a young age what it meant to put your children first. She does so much for her children and grandchildren, and would literally give her last dollar if it meant helping someone else. She taught me to be strong and look fear straight in the eye and to never give up, regardless of how difficult life may seem.


“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.”

What I learned through this is that no matter what the age, and wherever life may take us, our moms will always be our biggest fans. From cheering in the bleachers, to watching you walk down the aisle, to being there for the birth of the first grandchild. {Sometimes that might go in a semi-different order!}

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Moms out there! Whether you have human kids, four-legged kids, or kids on the way, it is your day to be celebrated and loved!

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