Birthday Parties that Give Back in Cedar Rapids

Your child brought great joy into this world when he or she was born. Why not celebrate each birthday by spreading that joy even further? Birthday Parties that Give Back in Cedar Rapids are the perfect way to do it. Your child gets to celebrate with family and friends, but instead of a pile of presents for themselves, they can share the joy of their special day with people or pets in need right here in Cedar Rapids.

birthday parties that give backLike most parents, you may feel like your home is easily cluttered, messy, and definitely chaotic at times. The truth is that neither we, nor our children, need all that stuff.  It may bring joy for a moment, but then it’s left behind and a burden to clean up, store, and organize. The longer I parent, the more I am convinced that kids NEED minimalism.

On top of that, I believe kids are inherently kind. Kindness is in them. It’s up to us to encourage it and help it grow. With all three kids, we’ve done a total of 18 birthday parties that give back and I can’t tell you how great it is! There are SO many benefits to giving back through a birthday party:

Great for Your Child

  • Children look forward to their birthday party for who they get to spend it with and they will get to do. They are learning that experiences and people hold more value than things.
  • They are more grateful for the gifts they do get when it’s not just one of many. (We still do gifts from family separately from the party.) It doesn’t have to be stuff, either. Check out these fun experience gifts in Cedar Rapids.
  • It allows you to feel more free in being generous to your own kids on their birthday.
  • If you allow siblings to choose a gift (which I highly recommend), having no gifts at the party makes those gifts more special, and strengthens the sibling bond.

Great for Guests

  • There is absolutely no need to try and figure out what the birthday boy or girl needs, wants or already has.
  • When guests choose their donation for the party, a seed of giving is planted. You may inspire your birthday guests to spread the love on their special day, too.

Great for YOU!

  • You won’t have to reorganize to make room for all the gifts your child’s generous friends would bring. 
  • Delivering the donations can be a very important part of the donation party with older children, but if you choose an organization with an Amazon Wishlist, you don’t even have to take time to deliver.
  • Thank you notes are a breeze since everyone gave the same thing! 

You can easily tie the donation to the theme of the party and something the child is interested in. This spreadsheet will DEFINITELY give you some inspiration. Give it a try, and you may never go back! Since my kids have never had a party where all the guests brought a gift, I asked one of them as she was turning five, “Do you miss getting toys and things for yourself at your birthday party?” Her answer says it all:

“No, it feels better to help.”

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