CR Moms Guide to Area Splash Pads (2023)

On hot summer days during my early childhood, I remember taking trips to the wading pool… You know, those round, shallow concrete basins with black lines painted on the bottom always resembled a spider web to me as a kid. I vividly remember the rough concrete bottoms, babies splashing with bloated diapers and occasional floating (and sometimes disgusting) debris. These are now extinct in our area once the Iowa Department of Public Health launched new rules to ensure the water was tested frequently to ensure cleanliness in the late 90s. That means that our children’s generation gets to enjoy the (more sanitary) splash pads that have replaced the old wading pools many of us enjoyed as kids.

If you’re wondering where you can find splash pads in the area, I’ve got you covered for the summer! I’ve compiled a list of the area splash pads, with addresses and hours of operation. Be sure to read through to the end to learn which ones Cedar Rapids Moms team members recommend! 

Cedar Rapids 

splash pads in Cedar Rapids will be open daily from 9 AM to 9 PM between May 27 and September 4. Here is a list of parks in Cedar Rapids that contain a splash pad:  

  • Cedar Valley Park, 2250 Blakely Boulevard SE
  • Cleveland Park, 1600 8th Avenue SW                        
  • Daniels Park, 940 Oakland Road NE
  • Greene Square, 400 4th Avenue SE
  • Hayes Park, 1924 D Street SW
  • Hidder Park, 10th Street and 14th Avenue SE                
  • Jacolyn Park, Jacolyn Drive and Gordon Avenue NW             
  • Noelridge Park, 4900 Council Street NE
  • Redmond Park, 3rd Avenue and 16th Street SE
  • Time Check Park, 5th Street, and J Avenue NW 
  • Twin Pines Park, 3500 42nd Street NE


Splash pads will be open in Marion Memorial Day through Labor Day. The hours are 10 AM to 7 PM daily, except the Willowood Park Splash Pad, contained within the Marion Municipal pool complex and only opens when the pool is open. Here is a list of the Marion parks with Splash Pads: 

  • Thomas Park Splash Pad, 323 Marion Boulevard
  • Gill Park Splash Pad, 3450 Hawthorne Street
  • Willowood Park Splash Pad, 1855 35th Street *only open during pool hours, requires pool admission 


Splash pads in Hiawatha are open from 10 AM to 8 PM, Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Here is a list of Hiawatha parks with splash pads:

  • Guthridge Park, 704 Emmons St
  • Tucker Park, 101 B Ave
  • Turtle Creek Park, 2915 Fitzroy Road (Cedar Rapids address)
You’re probably thinking, ok.. this list is excellent! No worries, Cedar Rapids Moms has you covered!! But give me the deets… Which ones are the best? Which ones should I avoid?

Here are our team’s favorite area splash pads: 

  • Fairfax Sports Park Splash Pad (625 Linn St, Fairfax) – Not mentioned above, but Fairfax has a reasonably new, large splash pad with a fun sports theme. We find that it’s rarely busy and has many fun features, including a football bucket that fills and dumps water! Open 9 AM – 9 AM 7 days a week Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.
  • Turtle Creek Park (2915 Fitzroy Road, Cedar Rapids) – new, smaller splash pad = not well known = rarely busy! 
  • Gill Park (3450 Hawthorne Street, Marion) – of the two Marion splash pads not part of the pool complex, this one is the hidden gem! Much less busy and has a nice safe squishy surface. There is a walking trail around the park too! 
  • Hayes Park (1924 D Street SW, Cedar Rapids) is Another hidden gem rarely busy on the SW side! 
  • Guthridge Park (704 Emmons St, Hiawatha) – large surface and has some lovely canopies nearby for shade! Great to hit up after the Hiawatha Farmers Market on Sundays! 

I hope this guide helps you find a great place to cool off with your kiddos this summer! I’d love to hear from you, too!  What is your favorite area splash pad and why?

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