{Review}: Warehouse Auto in Swisher

Located conveniently between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City on Highway 965, Warehouse Auto in Swisher is a family-owned business that has been in the Corridor for over twenty years! They recently invited me out to check out their inventory and review their family-friendly sales process. I’ve actually been there before, so I was happy to return and give you all the details! 🙂 

Warehouse Auto Sales

The thing that struck me most upon walking into Warehouse Auto the first time is how genuinely nice the people are. They seem to really care about making sure you find the vehicle that fits your lifestyle and your budget. Part of that process is nailing down what it is you’re looking for. Whether you’re stopping in because you’ve seen a specific vehicle online, or you’re just browsing, the salespeople at Warehouse Auto will take the time to listen to what it is you are looking for and then show you the fact sheets for all of the vehicles that might fit your needs.

Independent Inspection

On the front of each sheet is the photo of the vehicle, the options, and the price. They also post these on every vehicle, so if you stop out to look on your own you get all the info right on the car. On the back of the sheet is the inspection report. Warehouse Auto uses a local, independent auto repair shop to inspect every vehicle that they get in. They then they list what the vehicle needs on the inspection report, along with the cost, so you know if anything’s been done or what needs to be repaired. Easy peasy.

Warehouse Auto in Swisher

Large Selection

The next step is to check out the vehicles for yourself. Warehouse Auto has later model cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs from many different manufacturers, making it easy to compare different brands.  Having five kids, I was shopping for vans. It’s important to me to have one that can seat eight, and I was surprised to see that Warehouse Auto had three different models for me to compare: the Toyota Sienna, Chrysler Pacifica, and Honda Odyssey. They also had multiple trim levels in the Odyssey so I could personally see the differences. I was able to get in and really test out all of the features and comfort of each vehicle all at one time, without having to travel to different dealers! This helped me narrow down which vehicle was really the best fit for me!

Personal Shopping

Another thing that stood out to me is the fact that if none of the vehicles on the lot fit exactly what you’re looking for, Warehouse Auto has a free personal shopping service that will search for a vehicle that fits all of your specifications. Let them know make, model, trim, features, and mileage and they will search for it for you. When it comes in they will do the independent inspection to make sure it’s a quality vehicle before bringing you in to take a look! You can do this in person, over the phone, or even just fill out this form online!

Warehouse Auto car shopping


Once you’re ready to buy, Warehouse Auto can help you do the financing right there if you’d like to finance with one of the local credit unions that they partner with. Or you can work with your own bank or shop around for the best rate from an outside business. 

No Pressure

The biggest benefit I saw in car shopping at Warehouse Auto was their no-pressure attitude. You know what it’s like to go into many dealers…the salespeople use all kinds of tactics to try to get you to purchase a car that day. Warehouse Auto is the opposite. In fact, they will hold the vehicle until the next day for you so that you can have time to think it over and consult with your significant other if necessary. Their goal is to create long-term, satisfied customers by helping you find a vehicle that fits your lifestyle and your budget. Which is why so many people return to buy multiple cars from their dealership.

Warehouse Auto in Swisher

Interested in finding out more? Check out our Facebook Live with Amy and Sharon (Note: Sharon’s a long time customer who loves Warehouse Auto so much that now she’s a salesperson!). 🙂 

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