{REVIEW}: Personalized Swim Lessons with Diventures

*This is a Sponsored Review. The opinions are solely my own!

My kids used to hate swimming lessons. It was a battle to get them into the cold, noisy pool each week. Through negotiating, begging, and tears, surviving swimming lessons was taking its toll on all of us.

Imagine my excitement at the opening of Diventures in North Liberty where they offer quality private and small group swimming lessons with a certified teacher. Their pool area is kept toasty warm to keep swimmers comfortable both in and out of the water. In addition, they also offer birthday pool parties and the chance to learn to swim like a mermaid or become SCUBA certified.

You can learn to SCUBA dive in the middle of Iowa?! WHAT? We had to check it out! 

Diventures North Liberty


My daughter and I got to do just that when we visited Diventures recently at their beautiful, brand new facility just minutes from I380. It was hard to miss when she squealed with delight at the sight of giant SCUBA divers and fish on the outside of the building.

When we arrived, we were shown to their clean and spacious changing rooms to suit up.  We had fun browsing the retail store while waiting for her private swimming lesson with a  certified teacher. She was enthralled with all the cool diving gear, especially all the colors of the fins. I especially loved the adorable reusable swim diapers they carry. What a better option than disposables! Just browsing around made us want to take a tropical vacation – which Diventures makes possible as well! 

Diventures North Liberty

When we entered the pool room, it didn’t matter that there was ice and snow outside, it felt like we just landed in the Bahamas. They keep it at a tropical 88-90 degrees and it is heavenly. I settled into a colorful chair right across from the beach mural. It was a mini-momcation right there. Bliss.

Meanwhile, my swimmer eagerly got into the warm water. Her certified swimming teacher was knowledgeable and patient as he quickly assessed her skills and then tailored the lesson right to what she needed. At the beginning of the lesson I heard him say, “I’m going to ask you to do some things that might seem easy, and some that might seem hard, but I’d never put you in danger. I’ll be right here. You will be safe the whole time.” 

I could have cheered! This is exactly the reassurance kids need. Swimming lessons can be a stressful or even scary experience for many children. Her instructor acknowledged that fact right away. As an elementary teacher, I loved seeing his clear understanding that relationships come first in teaching. When the child feels safe and trusts his or her teacher, they will learn so much more! 

Diventures North Liberty

After just one lesson, her instructor was able to give me a report of my daughter’s strengths and areas to work on in swimming. He was interested in her past swimming experiences as well as what goals we’d have for her moving forward. It was obvious that Diventures instructors take great care in providing a lesson experience unique to each child’s needs. 

I discovered that Diventures offers personalized swimming lessons for all ages of children, starting at just 6 months old. They are either private, or in small groups with a 1:4 ratio. Classes meet weekly on the same day and time each week for 30 minutes in monthly sessions. Class times can accommodate busy schedules because they are available during the week, both day and evening, as well as on the weekends. Your spot each month is guaranteed until you cancel, so you only have to sign up once. The best part is that you can have a trial lesson for free! So you, too, can have your own mini-momcation while your little one enjoys the warm pool with a certified teacher. 

As for us, you’ll definitely find enjoying family swim very soon! My daughter cannot wait to go back this summer with her birthday money to spend on becoming a SCUBA Ranger.

Just a few years ago, she hated swimming lessons and now she’s excited to learn SCUBA skills right here in Iowa. How awesome is that?

Thank you, Diventures! We’ll be back soon!


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