Give Someone Strength with Pillow Story

Being an adult is HARD. We go through so many things in life that change our paths. Jobs that are found, and then lost. Love that is found, and then lost. We dream of having that perfect newborn to carry in our arms, only for some people to realize this isn’t an option for them. Regrets, marriage, kids, divorce, homelessness, money, depression, abuse, sickness, and even death. We all carry something with us. Every day. The good and the bad.

Sometimes we just need a little strength. You know? A little reminder that we can do this. And it isn’t just US who we worry about. It’s our children, our friends, our community… the list goes on and on. There are parents with sick children. There are children with sick parents. Children with NO parents. Parents who have to bury their children. Kids and adults who are being bullied. There are people going through things we don’t know about, or can’t even imagine. Some stay quiet, and some scream from rooftops. We feel for all of them.

We all know someone (even if it’s ourselves) going through something hard. What if we could give them a simple gift that they could look at, take a deep breath, and gain some strength because of it? That’s our goal at Pillow Story. We want to be a reason someone takes a deep breath, and smiles.

What is Pillow Story?

Pillow Story makes pillowcases to inspire people going through any walk in life. Our pillows are the first and last things we see each day. Let them be a reminder to us that we can get through anything. 

Give Strength with Pillow Story

Why Pillow Story?

As I was leaving my house one morning after my daughter, Claire, had passed, a car pulled up to my driveway. Someone I know and love opened the door and handed me a little box. She gave me a hug and said she wanted to give me a little something and let me know she was thinking of me. I thanked her and got back in my car. Opening that gift is a feeling I never will forget. You know what it was?


It was a pair of socks that said, “I am Strong.” I put them on instantly and then…I smiled! They were the exact reminder I needed! I could do this! I could become the strongest version of myself. That was when I got the strength to BE strong. To this day, I wear my “I am Strong” socks when I’m having a hard day. I wear them to all my trips to the doctor for miscarriages, IVF procedures, therapy appointments, (or sometimes, because it’s Monday, and I have two sick boys and a million things on my to do list) or anything else where I wake up knowing I need a little reminder to stay strong. (In fact, I’ve worn them so much that I wore a hole in the toe and had to order another pair!)

These silly socks. They truly mean something to me. To the wonderful person who gave them to me, you know who you are. Thank you. I want to inspire people. I want THEM to sit at their computer someday, and write about a silly pillowcase they got, that changed their world.

Can our pillowcases fix our problems, or alleviate our fears? Unfortunately, no. But they might, just maybe, make a difference in someone’s day. We can’t change the cards people are dealt, but we can be there for them. We can give them a little strength that could make a difference.

Give Strength with Pillow StoryPillow Story Gives Back

While we make a difference with our gift, we also want to give back. Pillow Story is dedicated to donating 50% of profits to groups, schools, hospitals, and organizations who could use some extra strength. In addition, with every “Yellow Heart” pillowcase purchased, we will donate 1 pillowcase to a patient at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

Give Strength and Give Back with Pillow StoryHow to Buy

Whether you want to purchase a pillowcase for yourself, someone you know, or donate one to someone who has walked in your shoes, we want to make it happen. You may purchase your Pillow Story online on our website. Or email us at info@pillowstory.com.

Give Strength with Pillow Story

Our pillows are the first and last things we see each day. They catch our tears, give us comfort, and are the closest to our thoughts. Our pillows carry our story. We are honored to share OUR Pillow Story, and we can’t wait to hear yours. Email us at info@pillowstory.com or visit www.pillowstory.com to learn more.

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