Find Your Next Nanny in the Corridor {Or Sitter!} with Iowa Elite Nannies

If you’ve ever considered hiring a nanny, but don’t know where to start, Iowa Elite Nannies is here to help!  They specialize in making finding a nanny in the Corridor easy and stress-free!! They also have a Sitter Club, which helps you find qualified sitters for occasional or last minute childcare! We sat down with Iowa Elite Nannies founder, Allisyn, to find out more! 

How Did Iowa Elite Nannies Start?

Iowa Elite Nannies LLC, a full-service nanny referral agency, was founded in April of 2014 by Allisyn Maley. An experienced nanny herself, Allisyn saw a need in the state of Iowa for families who were looking for better options for child care. Our mission is to bridge the gap between families and providers by evaluating each family’s needs and researching the experience and background of providers to create successful connections.

Each Iowa Elite Nanny is carefully selected to meet the needs of your family and have passed our rigorous screening and training requirements. We coordinate full and part-time placement, and a Sitter Club for those looking for occasional, as-needed child care.

Find a nanny in the Corridor with Iowa Elite NanniesHow does the service work?

Contact Iowa Elite Nannies and we will set up a time to meet. Once we have met and know what you are looking for in a nanny, then we will start the nanny search for you. Each nanny that is a part of Iowa Elite Nannies has been through an extensive screening process.  Once we find potential matches, the nannies are then able to meet with the families. Once you select a nanny, the nanny becomes an employee of the family, not the agency.  However, if you ever need a backup nanny because your nanny is sick or out of town, then we are here to help!

Are there requirements for the hours I must hire a nanny for (full-time/part-time)?

If you hire a nanny for more than 35 hours a week, then we consider it Full-Time. If it is less than 35 hours, then it is Part-Time.

What if I just need an occasional sitter?

We have a great option called the Sitter Club. There is a one time yearly fee of $150 to be a member of the club. Each sitter will have a background check, CPR training, phone interview, and face-to-face interview with agency staff. Hours of service for finding a sitter are from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. and in most situations a sitter will be available within 3 hours.  The Sitter Club is a great option for sick kiddos, date night, when your sitter is out of town, or you just need a little break.

Find a nanny in the Corridor with Iowa Elite NanniesHow do I find a nanny in the Corridor?

Contact Allisyn or Moriah with your nanny needs:

Allisyn Maley 319-640-0332

Moriah Hagen 641-660-6364


How do I become a nanny in the Corridor?

Fill out an application at www.iowaelitenannies.com under the “Become a nanny tab”. Moriah will conduct a phone interview. If everything goes well, then Allisyn will bring her son and do a face to face interview to see how the nanny interacts with children.

Iowa Elite Nannies Employment Requirements:

_At Least 18 Years Old

_Must have at least 2 years childcare experience

_Carry a valid driver’s license

_All applicants must successfully complete an interview and training process with the agency

_Ability to pass an extensive background check including a drug screening

_Must be State Certified in CPR and First Aid (or willing to become certified)

Do you offer any other services?

Iowa Elite Nannies also offers occasional Parents Night Out Events! Bring your kids for crafts, games, snacks, and lots of fun while you enjoy a night out!! The events are staffed by nannies who all have background checks, previous childcare experience, and are CPR certified!! {Iowa Elite Nannies is offering a Valentine’s Day Parents Night Out on February 14th. Click HERE for more information!}

If you’re ready to find a nanny or sitter in Cedar Rapids or the surrounding Corridor, be sure to visit the Iowa Elite Nannies website and Iowa Elite Nannies Facebook page for more information!!


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