Cedar Rapids Moms 2022 Team Sponsor: Craft’d

A coffee shop isn’t just a coffee shop.

You have to experience the vibe, dig the music, appreciate the smells and the culture before you decide on which one is your favorite. And when you do, you earn the right to say it’s YOUR coffee shop. Craft’d feels like mine. Sorry, but that table is RESERVED.

There’s a kindness in the air. Maybe it’s from all the local art my eyes are drawn to, or the music that plays the soundtrack for each meeting. It’s where I keep coming back. It feels authentic.

The brews are tasty whether they’re hot, cold or doused in milk. Alternatives like Oat and Almond milk are my personal faves to add to either an Americano, London Fog or a Tamarind Golden Milk.

Portions of the following information are from the Craft’d website.

About Craft’d

Here at Craft’d, we love coffee, and we love our community.

Our favorite thing about this crazy adventure called ‘business ownership’ is the opportunity we’ve had to partner with other amazing local businesses to bring you a one-of-a-kind experience completely unique to the Cedar Rapids area.

So come on in and enjoy some great, locally sourced coffee, ice cream, olive oil, and who knows what else we got going in in this place.

Connect with Craft’d

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Located at 333 1st St SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Email: [email protected]



Thank you again to Craft’d, for providing this content and sharing it with us.

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