Spring Cleaning Tips Plus FREE Printable Checklist

Ahhhhh, Spring is just around the corner! We have all been dreaming about it. Just picture it, bright sunny mornings, no clouds in the sky, kids playing outside, afternoon walks to the park, birds singing. When the time finally arrives, you go to open a window and a cloud of dust meets your face. Whelp! It’s time for some Spring cleaning!

Spring CleaningI love Spring cleaning. I get to go through almost every corner of the house, get rid of dust and breathe in clean air. My dwelling is de-cluttered and clean, at least until someone walks in the room leaving footprints and random cold-weather accessories laying around. Nonetheless, it’s my passion project for spring. 

Here are some of my favorite tips for spring cleaning:

Do a little bit at a time

You could do it all in a day, but I wouldn’t recommend it. If you do a deep cleaning, it can be exhausting. Moving furniture, going back and forth between rooms and reaching every nook and cranny can get old fast.

Just take one room at a time. One weekend at a time. It might take a little longer, but at least you’ll avoid burnout. Also, start with the room that needs to be done properly, usually the kitchen for me. That way, if you do get tired before you’re completely finished, at least that one room will be done right. 

Follow a method or routine in every room 

My method for spring cleaning is pretty simple. First, choose a room and de-clutter it. Anything that doesn’t belong there has to go. Then, I empty each drawer or cubby and get rid of the stuff we no longer need. Donate items in good condition, trash unusable ones. Before putting keepers back, I do clean inside the receptacle. Then, on to dusting. From top to bottom, everything gets a pass of the duster. Continue with cleaning and washing. Then the floors. Each room gets sprayed with disinfectant (my favorite is CleanSmart’s toy disinfectant). The finale is lighting a candle or a mist of odor eliminating spray or turning on a nice diffuser. A nice smell means a job well done.

Spring cleaning does not have to be daunting as long as you are ready.

Make an action plan! Write down a list of things you want to get done or use our FREE printable checklist. Figure out which rooms you want to do first, which are better left for the weekends or for warmer days. 

Stock up on supplies!

Multi-surface cleaners, dusters, cleaning rags, mop and broom, glass cleaner, fabric cleaners, disinfectant, and gloves are some of the essentials. Don’t forget about those special items, like a special cleaner for glass top stoves. 

Stop putting it off and just get going!

Little by little, you can get this done. Of course, use help from family to help clean, organize and do chores. Small steps every day can make a difference in the long run. 

Reward yourself!

If a clean home is not enough motivation for you, go ahead and bribe yourself a little. Have a piece of chocolate for every room you finish. Order pizza when the kitchen is done, that way it’s clean a bit longer. Pamper yourself when finished, you’ve done a lot of work!

Don’t let those dust bunnies take over!

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