No Central Air, No Problem: Staying Cool this Summer

My kids and I transitioned from our family home to a temporary rental for a beat. And the rental does not have central air. It was something I hadn’t had to deal with since my childhood. As an adult, central air is definitely something I’ve taken for granted. 

Summer has barely begun, and we’re already feeling it.

No Central Air, No Problem: Staying Cool this Summer

The heat snuck up on us really fast. All of a sudden, it was 80+ degrees outside and almost as hot inside. We had to come up with some solutions now before summer was in full swing.

Not only do I have my kids to keep cool every other week when they’re with me, but I’ve got a gaggle of daycare kids who need to escape the heat right along with me. I was fortunate enough to get two portable air conditioners in here to keep the upstairs and downstairs cool on the hottest of days.

But not everyone has the option or ability to run out and throw a few hundred dollars at a portable air conditioner. And not everyone has so many rooms or so many people to keep cool.

So, I’ve compiled a few of the more useful cooling tips that can hopefully help a wider scope of *sweaty* readers.

1. Fans, fans, and more fans

Fans may not be able to create the same kind of cold air an air conditioner can, but air movement alone can make a significant difference when it comes to bringing the temperature down. Setting fans in doorways to move the air from room to room really helps break up the heat in closed-off spaces. And using a window fan can bring cooler night air into the house.

2. Compresses

One of my family members mentioned putting a blanket in the freezer for sleeping. It kind of makes sense, until it doesn’t. While a cold blanket might cool you down momentarily, when the blanket thaws, it will not only become hot but wet.

Instead, try using cold compresses on your wrists, neck, and ankles. Run a washcloth under cold water then put it in the freezer for a bit. Again, the frozen effects won’t last a terribly long time, but it won’t take as long to re-freeze for continued use.

3. No Sunlight

Letting direct sunlight into your home generates a tremendous amount of trapped heat within your home. So, for the summer, consider yourself a cave-dweller. Keep those blinds pulled and the curtains drawn. Try to block out as many of those scorching UV rays as you can manage.

4. Cold Water

The thought of stepping into a cold shower made me cringe before this summer. But it’s a quick, full-body remedy when you’re overheating. What’s more, just sticking your feet in cold water can help lower your overall body temp. Try sitting with your toes in a cold-water bucket for a bit.

Heated pools are a thing of the past. Instead of using hot water to fill your pool or run your sprinkler, use the cold stuff. Give yourself a break from the heat with a cold dip.

No Central Air No Problem

A few other quick mentions:

  • Close the doors to unused rooms
  • Use the dryer at night
  • Cook in a crockpot or Instant Pot as opposed to the oven
  • Switch the rotation direction on ceiling fans.

For more tips and tricks, visit this link. 

And stay cool out there!

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