The Procrastinator’s Guide to Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

I hate Halloween.

I liked it as a kid, but as the years have gone by, I’ve started to dislike it more and more. Now that I have two little girls, I know I can’t avoid it. I’m going to have to celebrate it. So in honor of my least favorite holiday, I’ve done some research to find the EASIEST Halloween costumes that can be thrown together in a pinch!

Before I get started, let me leave this link here: Classic Tutu

Use the classic tutu as a base for most of the costumes below, or even to make some not listed, such as a ballerina or princess. Now, on to the costumes and tutorials!



Bee – Use a tutu to make the cutest bumble bee around!

Bunny – Another cute idea with the tutu…just add a tail and ears!

Cat – This link shows a black cat costume complete with tutorials to make ears and a tail, but you can always purchase those already made.

Dalmatian – One mama suggested using a black and white polka dot onesie instead of the duct tape.

Dinosaur – Instead of using a shirt, use a hoodie and continue the “spikes” all the way up the hood – warm and cute!

Duck – A local mom suggested making the tutu in yellow, yellow shirt, yellow ball cap (with an orange bill) and then making some simple feet to go over their shoes using elastic to secure them!

Elephant – Use a hot glue gun instead of sewing to throw together this elephant costume.

Jelly Fish – Have a spare umbrella on hand? This one is for you!

Octopus – A few pairs of cheap tights and you have an octopus!

Panda – This one works great for little ones still in onesies!

Spider – Grocery bags, duct tape, and some black socks make up this easy costume.



Care Bear – The instructions recommend using dye, but you can tweak this costume to suit your needs.

Mary Poppins – More classic characters are included in this link too!

Minnie Mouse – Use that tutu tutorial again to complete this Minnie Mouse costume.

Monsters Inc. Family Costume – Another local mama used graphic tees to be Sulley and Mike, then had their little girl go as Boo! All from items in their closet!

Rosie the Riveter – Jean romper on hand for baby? Or maybe a blue jean shirt for an older girl–easy to put together!

Sesame Street Characters – Some assembly required, but the end result is too adorable!

Shaggy from Scooby Doo – One local mom mentioned her brother had already shaggy hair, so he tossed on a green v-neck and brown pants and went as Shaggy! Super easy!

Star Wars Jedi – Easy to throw together with a bit of brown fabric.

Super Heroes – This link has tutorials that have minimal sewing for most of the popular super heroes these days! Or just grab your dress-up clothes from home!

Winnie the Pooh – Items required: over sized red t-shirt and yellow felt. Link also includes Kim Possible and Mike from Monsters Inc.!



Bubble Bath – Balloons make bubbles on this costume. Use any color and add a rubber ducky for that extra touch of cuteness!

Crayon – A more involved costume idea is in this link, but you can do something similar to the M&M or Skittles tutorial and glue some black fabric on a shirt!

Flower – This example is more involved, but just glue some felt petals to a green hoodie and you’re set!

Ghost – Homemade fleece poncho turned into a ghost costume? Done.

Grapes – Have a lot of green or purple balloons on hand? Make a grape costume!

Ice Cream Cone – Toss on a white shirt, brown bottoms and add a few sprinkles with a cherry on top.

Laundry Basket – If you’re willing to cut up a laundry basket for Halloween, this costume is one of my favorites!

M&Ms or Skittles – A colored shirt and a piece of white fabric make this costume…can’t get any easier!

Picnic Table – Another easy to throw together costume, although maybe not practical for the school day.

Pineapple – All you need is a yellow shirt and green paper for the top.

Present – Either go for a gift bag like in the link, or wrap a box and cut holes for arms, legs, and a head.

Pumpkin – One of the most classic Halloween costumes, and easy to do!

Stick Figure – A classic and SO easy – glow sticks, adhesive of some type, and dark clothing.

Traffic Light – Instead of using fabric, try pinning different colored painted paper plates or pieces of paper to a black shirt. I’m all about the ease.



Construction Worker – Go raid the dress-up bin or use this tutorial to make a simple construction worker vest.

Crazy Cat Lady – Funny for a little girl and minimal assembly needed!

Fairy (or Angel) – Use the tutorial linked to make the wings and the tutu tutorial to make her skirt!

Fire Fighter – Go with a t-shirt or find some dress-up clothes to put this one together. Pairs well with the dalmatian costume too!

Fisherman – A brown paper bag makes for a fine fisherman vest.

Nerd – Bonus pun in this costume (“smartie pants”), but you can omit that step and go for the classic nerd.

Ninja – Have a little one with energy to spare, but you don’t? This one is for you – sweats and a few snips later you have a ninja costume!

Pirate – Scroll down to item #15 for an easy tutorial on how to make a pirate costume using red fabric and a white t-shirt.

Scarecrow – I would never buy name brand stuff for a costume like this link suggests, but most of us have jeans, boots, and flannel sitting around. Also, a local mom made her own using items from Hobby Lobby and some sweats from Walmart! See her cute picture in the collage above–all items handmade!


BONUS IDEA FOR BABY CARRIERS — A local mom found that a medium size dog costume fits most baby carriers! She found hers at Target in the dollar section for only $3!

 So, grab your hot glue gun, felt, and crafting scissors – it’s time for Halloween (whether I like it or not)!

What’s your easy DIY costume idea?

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