Shannon Wilson

Shannon was raised in a very small town here in Iowa, but has long felt like a native to the Cedar Rapids area since establishing roots locally in 2005. She lives with her husband, Ben, whom she can’t live without, and three babies (yes, they are still her babies), Olivia (11), Henry (9), and Arlo (6) in Marion. The newest Wilson, Otis the mini goldendoodle, joined the family in May 2021. Shannon is passionate about relationships, meaningful human connection, and motherhood, and is incredibly lucky to get to nurture all of these interests plus some in her professional life. Depending on the season, you can find Shannon gathering with friends, watching her kid’s in sporting events (new sports mom here!), hibernating and binging Netflix, hanging with her kids (board games, anyone?!) or tending to her summer garden. Shannon is a creature of habit which includes eating eggs every morning, daily Starbucks and going to bed early. As a cold person, she loves sherpas and scarf-blankets as shirts.

Happy Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month!

As a mental health counselor who specializes in perinatal mental health, I believe in the importance of using the awesome CRM platform to bring useful information about maternal mental health to increase awareness amongst...

Confessions of a Homebody

I’m writing this the day after carefully inputting all of the dates and times of all of the upcoming Spring and Summer kid activities and events into the Google calendar that I recently had...
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Becoming Neat: My Pantry Transformation

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Parenting Big Kids: An Uncomfortable Transition

Parenting Big Kids: A New Reality My kids are currently 11 (nearly 12!), 9, and 6 (likely 7 by the time this post comes out!) and I’m finding that this season of parenting big kids...
The mole in 2010 compared to the mole in 2019

My Stylist Caught My Cancer: My Experience with Melanoma

The Call I was parking my car in the garage on a normal weekday afternoon when I received a call. The caller identified himself, and I had such a strong feeling of dread: it was...