Samantha Moskowitz

Samantha was born and raised in Cedar Rapids. She grew up around a large, crazy, loving extended family who gets together every Sunday for lunch and to catch up. She spent six years working for The Walt Disney Company - where she met her husband directly in front of Cinderella Castle. They moved back to Iowa in 2016 to be near family and have three rambunctious kiddos who are 5, 6 &10. Autism awareness & understanding is a close cause to her heart as two of her kids have autism. When not working or spending time with family, Samantha enjoys reading, listening to music or a podcast, cooking, baking, and binge-watching shows with her husband.

Sun’s Out- Fun’s Out ! Summer Bucket List ideas for Your Family

Summer is in full swing here, there, and everywhere! Pools are (mostly) open, camps are in full swing, playgrounds and parks are full of laughter and smiles. Families are going camping, heading out on vacation,...

When Mother’s Day is Hard

For some who mother, Mother’s Day is filled with flowers, cards, gifts and sometimes, pampering from their children. They may bring you breakfast in bed or try to let you “sleep in” past 8...

Happy Passover! A Catholic Wife with a Jewish Husband

If you’ve grown up in Cedar Rapids, you know that our city has strong Catholic roots. This is evident by the number of fish fry’s from Ash Wednesday to Easter. There are also the...

Autism : A Gift – Not a Curse.

When people hear the words “autism” – the 1988 movie Rain Man starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise usually comes to mind. In my house – it’s as common as hearing “soccer practice” and...

Three Kid-Friendly Day Trips from Cedar Rapids

It is almost Spring! I don’t know about you, but it seems my kids get more energy by the day being cooped up in the house during the winter. By the time spring rolls...

Listen With Your Heart, To Your Heart : Heart Disease Awareness Month

It’s no secret (or surprise) that February is Heart Disease Awareness Month. What better month to talk about hearts than the month that holds Valentine’s Day – right? In 1964, February was named American Heart Month...

My Favorite Spots for Soup in and Around Cedar Rapids

January is upon us, which usually brings a bitter cold.  For me, nothing beats a hot bowl of soup on a shivery cold winter day. (Or if we just got blasted with a large amount...

How to Teach Your Child the Art of a Thank You Note

Many people, at one point or another, will need to write a thank you note. Whether it’s for a school fundraiser, graduation, or the long list to send after one gets married, thank you notes...

Co-Parenting with a New Partner : There is Hope

When your co-parent gets a new partner - it can often be met with huge challenges for your child and for you: meeting them, learning their personality, adjusting to their parenting style, and (if...