Kelli Michel

Kelli is the mama to an adorable 3 year old Marcel. The duo love to spend their time together in nature climbing trees and boulders, reading books, playing French Cafe, dancing, and singing Top 40 hits such as The Wheels on the Bus and Happy Birthday. By day, Ms. Michel has worn multiple hats that range from former interior designer to AMI Montessori educator, to freelance voiceover artist and story seller. Kelli's moonlighting experiences includes performances in the Twin Cities either writing, acting, improvising or singing. She's supremely grateful for the opportunity to connect with others and in her spare time hopes to bring world peace.

Cedar Rapids Moms 2022 Team Sponsor: Craft’d

A coffee shop isn't just a coffee shop. You have to experience the vibe, dig the music, appreciate the smells and the culture before you decide on which one is your favorite. And when you...

Hey Heylee: Monsters and Robins

Welcome to another installment of Hey Heylee, your favorite local parenting advice column! A Monster Problem Hey Heylee, I think my little girl is starting to hit the phase where she’s super scared of monsters.  Any advice...

Hey Heylee: Winter, Taxes, and Geese?

Welcome readers to this month's installment of Hey Heylee, our monthly parenting advice column! From Blah to Huzzah! Hey Heylee, I am sick of the white stuff.  It's everywhere and even though I keep hoping to make...

Hey Heylee: Moods, Toddlers, and Romance, Oh My!

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New Advice Column: Hey Heylee

I hear you, Moms. You’re desperate for advice about parenting and looking for a kind, wise and reassuring ear to help you feel okay about your choices. I've read your questions, and concerns on the...

Was I Enough Today?

So. Much. To. Do.  Respond to the phone calls, emails, and the ping of texts.  Feed the cat.  Pay the bill.  Find the kid.  Alright, I found him!  Did I finish that one thing? ...
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