Jessica Sadler

Jess is a first-time mama to her son, Benson. After welcoming their new baby, she and her husband Kevin moved to Cedar Rapids to be closer to family. When they were house shopping, Jess made Kevin promise her that they could stay within 20 minutes of a Target. She has a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Missouri State University and works from home full-time. In her free time, she can be found online shopping, listening to true crime podcasts, or reading on her kindle. Her family loves being outside, playing board games, and their golden retriever Leo.

June 3rd is National Donut Day

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“Tinder” for Moms

Making mom friends as an adult is difficult enough. Making friends and being new to Cedar Rapids, a new-mom, and working from home during a pandemic? Ha. Pretty much impossible. When I first saw...

Introducing your New Baby to your Fur Baby

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What is Going on with Baby Formula?!

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My Baby’s Favorite Toys from Each Month of His First Year

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