Jamie Grimes

Jamie Grimes is mom to ten-year-old, Avery, and wife to Jake. She's lived nearly her entire life in the Cedar Rapids/Marion area and would have a really hard time leaving. She graduated from Marion High School, went to Cornell College to be a teacher, and earned her Master of Business Administration in 2009. Today, she works for a cutting edge software company headquartered out of NYC and works from home full-time. Jamie also has a lovable and obsessed-with-her 13 year-old Chocolate Lab named, Hayden. The family bounces between dance two nights a week, piano lessons, and either basketball or swimming depending on the time of the year, with Avery. Even with only one kid, she keeps Jamie and her husband very busy! Jamie is learning to be good at gardening (flowers and plants), loves solar-powered anything…but preferably garden gnomes and bird feeders, baking with her daughter, and she really wants to start quilting one day soon. She's definitely an old soul at heart!

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