My Baby’s Favorite Toys from Each Month of His First Year

If you’re a shopping obsessed mom like me – then a new baby was a perfect excuse for you to entertain your shopping addiction. Any parent knows that before long, your house (and living room floor) will be overtaken with toys and baby stuff. I have bought so many toys, just for them to have my baby’s attention for a few minutes before becoming a thing of the past. If your baby is like mine, they will probably prefer playing with the remote control or watching the ceiling fan instead of playing with all the things that you thought would be more fun that you bought for them. Here is a list of the things that my baby actually played with out of the many, many things that I bought:

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baby's favorite toys

0 – 2 Months – High Contrast Look Book

We liked Tummy Time: Animal Parade. It is a black and white accordion book, and my baby really enjoyed this one because it has a mirror. This book is great for tummy time. Once your baby’s eyesight develops, it can be flipped around to a color side.  

3 Months ­– Mushroom Teether Toy

My baby liked these ones from Eco Inspired. They came in a three pack and were the first toy that my baby could hold onto without dropping. They are kind of weird looking, but babies love them. The three pack is so handy because you can throw one in the diaper bag, one in the car, and have one at home.

4 Months – Rattle Ball

I don’t know what it is about this simple rattle ball, but my baby loved this easy-to-grasp toy. It is flexible and it has little rattlers in it that make it fun to shake. Now that my baby is older, we can still play with it by rolling it back and forth.

5 Months – Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie is a popular favorite for a reason. This teether toy is adorable, and all babies love it. Sophie squeaks and is made of a soft material that is perfect for chewing. The company makes books that match the toy if your child is as big of a fan as mine is.

6 Months – Kick n’ Play Mat

Most moms will be familiar with this. It’s a baby shower staple. We had the Fisher Price Piano Gym and it was so fun to watch my baby reach for the toy bar and stare at the piano keys during tummy time.  After my baby could no longer be confined to the mat, we took the piano off and now he sits to play with it.

7 Months – Indestructables Book

These waterproof, chew-proof, rip-proof books are so cool. They are the perfect distraction for when your little cutie decides to fight diaper changes. Trust me, my baby has put their “rip-proof” claim to the test, and they live up to the hype.

8 Months – Jumperoo

If you know, you know. My baby loved his jumparoo. Moms will love it because it’ll give you a few minutes of free hands to get something done. I got one for upstairs and for downstairs because those minutes were so precious. The cloth seat is easy to pop out and wash. Also, there are three adjustable heights, and no doorway is needed. We’ve carried ours outside and even used it in our garage.

9 Months – Spout Cover

This one isn’t exactly a toy, but it’s a bath time necessity. It is a silicone animal that fits over the spout in the bathtub to protect your little one’s head from bumps and bruises. This ducky one from Munchkin is cute because it has a spot in the beak to pour bubble bath.

10 Months – Play Table

Once my baby started to pull up on things, he really loved this Leap Frog Learning Table. It has lots of different touch points to entertain your baby while they work on their balance.  They can work on their fine motor skills while also working on standing up against something that’s not your pantlegs.

11 Months – Foam Play Gym

Once my baby was a well-accomplished crawler, he wanted to climb on everything. We got him this Softscape Corner Climber and it was an instant hit. It encourages active indoor play and comes in a variety of colors. You can rearrange it into different shapes and the foam is covered in a material that is soft and easily wipes clean.

12 Months – Little People Farm

Little People toys have been favorites for generations, and for good reason. My baby loves his Little People Farm Playset. There’s a reason this toy has almost 5 stars. It has provided hours of entertainment in our house and will be popular for a while. My baby loves opening and closing the doors and carries the farm animals everywhere.

Everything on this guide can be found on amazon, and we even got a few of them second-hand. All the toys on this list are still in rotation at our house and have stood up well over time. I plan on keeping them for my next baby instead of wasting time and money on toys that they won’t enjoy or play with!

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Jess is a first-time mama to her son, Benson. After welcoming their new baby, she and her husband Kevin moved to Cedar Rapids to be closer to family. When they were house shopping, Jess made Kevin promise her that they could stay within 20 minutes of a Target. She has a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Missouri State University and works from home full-time. In her free time, she can be found online shopping, listening to true crime podcasts, or reading on her kindle. Her family loves being outside, playing board games, and their golden retriever Leo.


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