Meet Our New Contributor: Missy Drzycimski

Meet Missy Drzycimski

Hey there!  I’m Missy Drzycimski, a newcomer to the CRMB team and am so excited to be here!  I live in Cedar Rapids with my husband, our two girls, and black lab.  I am an Arizona native but came to Cedar Rapids when I was 18 on somewhat of a whim and never looked back.  Cedar Rapids holds my best memories!  It’s where I met my husband (Andy), where we’re raising our girls (Selah who is 6 and Mercy who just turned 1), and where we have grown deep roots.  We are active in our church and close with our faith community, which have driven those roots all the deeper.  I met my husband while leading worship at a new church shortly after I came back from a mission trip to Africa.  We ignored each other for a good year because I was the loud, obnoxious singer and he was the nerdy tech guy.  However, once we gave things a try we found ourselves engaged 6 weeks later and have been married for 10 years.  I’ve learned a lot in those 10 years; years peppered with job changes, children, infertility, miscarriage, postpartum depression/anxiety, lots of laughs, wondering why the dog keeps stealing butter off the counter, and so much love.

I’m a social worker by profession and have a deep love for those experiencing mental health issues.  I’ve been blessed to be able to work everywhere from pediatric to geriatric populations (i.e. cradle-to-the-grave) and swore up and down I’d be the picture of the working mom who just had things together.  Stop laughing.  I seriously thought that.  After insisting to God, my husband, and anyone who would listen that I would never be a SAHM, I became a SAHM and have been so blessed and challenged by the experience.  I walked away from my career to be a mom and have zero regrets.  I work part-time at a local non-profit which gives me grown-up time and also allows me to pour into my families as well as my kids’ lives.  In my spare time I find myself vacuuming incessantly, writing/composing music, writing on my blog, having coffee with girlfriends, and loving on those mamas who are also in the trenches of life and motherhood. Oh, and I love naps.  I am so excited to be part of the team and am grateful for the opportunity to partner with you as well as share and learn with one another!

Meet Our New Contributor: Missy Drzycimski

Welcome, Missy!!

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