Meet Our New Contributor: Lindsay Talsness

Meet Lindsay Talsness

Hi, I’m Lindsay, and if I had my way, we’d be sitting across from each other in my living room right now, with my Keurig gurgling away happily in the background. Or possibly at Jimmy John’s with Diet Cokes and a good sub sandwich.

Twelve years ago, I fell in love with my kind, smart, and funny husband, Christian, while we both completed internships in the mountains of Colorado.  We found our way back to Cedar Rapids, where I grew up, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I loved this city as a kid, and I’ve found even more to appreciate about small city living as an adult. Christian and I have been married for more than 10 years now and have been blessed with three amazing kids.

Our 7-year-old daughter, Eadie, is creative, energetic, and makes everything more fun. Our five-year-old Graham is a thoughtful and deep thinking little boy. He also loves to be the funny guy in the family who keeps everyone laughing. Greta is two years old and is sweet, smiley, and happiest when her whole family is together.

Before having kids, I enjoyed working as a content strategist for a marketing firm. After Eadie arrived, I began my second career as a stay-at-home mom.  And what a career it has been! Like so many of you, becoming a mom has been a tremendous tool for growth and character-building in my own life… not just the lives of my children.

In the past couple of years, I’ve added another role to my life: homeschooler!  I think my teenage self  would be a little shocked at the path my life has taken, but I can see God’s fingerprints all along the way, and let me tell you, it is one filled with joy and adventure! I love making learning come to life for my kids, as well as participating in many of the great opportunities for homeschoolers in the area, including Classical Conversations and the Marion Home School Assistance Program.

When I’m not being a mom, I love going on creative dates with my husband, finding any excuse to host a party, being involved in my church, and good old-fashioned girl time.  At home in my free time, you can usually find me working in my garden, playing outside, in the middle of a great book, or watching something involving superheroes on Netflix.

It comes down to this: I love getting to know other moms and encouraging them along the way. From my earliest days as a mom, other moms-those in the same stage as me, and those farther along this path, have been so important. They’ve helped me through the hills and valleys of motherhood with wisdom and a healthy dose of laughter. I hope that in turn, my posts will give you a little of both.

Meet Our New Contributor: Lindsay Talsness
Welcome, Lindsay!

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