Meet Our New Contributor: Jaclyn Richmond

Meet Jaclyn Richmond

Hi, I’m Jaclyn and I am so excited to be a contributor for Cedar Rapids Moms Blog. I’m an Iowa native, with big city dreams but a small town heart. I studied at Coe College majoring in Business, Spanish and Education, but my big ideas to move abroad and enter into the world of International Business conflicted with my love of family and all things “home.” After graduation I decided teaching Spanish would fulfill my passion for the world and languages, while ensuring that I was still a part of a strong community and close to family. I loved teaching so much that I went back for my Masters in Education in 2006 and picked up an endorsement in Psychology as well. Who knew this would be so beneficial in both teaching and parenting!?

I’m married to my high school sweetheart, Mark. He’s the cheese to my macaroni and it’s no secret that all the ladies of our house adore him. Aside from me, our three daughters think that he hung the moon. Our oldest, Grace, is 11 and is your typical type-A, rule following, first born. Our middle, Emma, is 9 and is a tenacious, big-hearted thinker who is always seeking justice. “It’s not fair” is her favorite slogan. And Norah is our sassy 6 year old who tends to be our social butterfly and dreamer. They are SO completely different, but they comprise all the best parts of Mark and me, so it has been a joy to be chosen as their parents. We also have a sweet angel, William, whom we lost at 8 weeks old that we know watches over us (and probably feels lucky that he escaped to Heaven before he had to endure too many of our parenting blunders). To round things out, we have a crazy puppy, Hazel, that is a lover of all things mischievous.

As our girls get older our free time is getting bookended by volleyball, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, softball, band, choir, art club…whew…it’s never ending. Our girls all have different passions, which we love, so we put a lot of importance on dinner as a family each night and making sure Mark and I don’t lose ourselves while helping them to find themselves. My passions right now include running, reading and traveling. I’m not a ‘real’ runner, I mainly just run so that I can eat. I love food. Reading sounds fantastic, but, let’s be honest, I always have at least 5 books on my bedside table that are calling my name that I can’t ever seem to get to. (I also will never understand how someone starts two books at the same time). And traveling is what fills my daydreams. In a moment’s notice I could have my carry-on packed and ready to board a plane to whatever destination calls. However, since children and “responsibility” often keep these spontaneous sojourns at bay, planning our next family road-trip is always on my mind.

I’m so thankful to be invited to be a contributor to Cedar Rapids Moms Blog and look forward to meeting other families around the Corridor.

Meet Our New Contributor: Jaclyn RichmondWelcome, Jaclyn!!

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